Embar or sawed off LONGSHOT (assisted sniper)


why did the sawed off get so much attention and this noob rifle doesnt? all you need is for the reticle to be close to the head. i cant fathom how so many people actually like this gun?? its nothing special

noob rifle assisted sniper rifle… it came out of nowhere and is just a weird gun and to me it just doesnt fit the game but many others will disagree.

id rather the breech shot than this doo doo gun anyday.


Yesss. Bring back the breech. That was my baby in judgement and i also like judgement’s sawed off. The embar i don’t hate it but i rather have another sniper.

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I hope I understand correctly, but seems like you have an issue with the Embar as well?

It is easily avoided because you can hear it being charged.

When you hear it firing - just stay in cover/keep head down.

Now you won’t be able to do it every time but it’s a big giveaway when it’s being used and only has a limited clip size.


The only issue I really have with the weapon is when it has active rounds. We were trip capping in Escalation and going for the dominantion. My teammate fires active Embar rounds near the enemy when they had spawn shield, and most of them got stunned.

The gun can be a bit ridiculous at times.

Depends on the class I’m playing in horde but I always seem to pick up an embar at sometime during the run.

I wish the soldier had a power adder for the embar but they consider it a sniper rifle.

I think it’s a cool weapon. Yes somewhat ridiculous at times but still cool. I hate the fact you can be headshotted so easy with it but at times you can’t get a headshot with one. Especially during campaign.

Says it’s easy to use and then says he doesn’t understand why people like it…

I think most of these types of complaints are people wanting the game to cater to their style. Which is unstable. I don’t like Embar for the very same reasons. I’ve long called it “sniper with training wheels” and won’t even pick it up in horde. But, I think it had it’s place in Gears 4. I’d like to see something fresh in #5 though.

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Except when I hear it charging then i duck and i still get blown off the face of the earth because on their screen i hadn’t ducked back into cover yet


True ^. I’ve made so many clips of this lag comp BS. It wouldn’t be a problem if it was just a delay, but when they are often doing something else on my screen (like not even looking at me) how am I supposed to know when to respond?

It’s to the point that if the enemies have over 70 ping, I do not bait snipers or play around at all. In a low ping lobby, I can usually bait players into wasting their snipe and torque ammo without getting clipped. In high ping lobbies I can get popped after I go back into cover, when they weren’t even aiming on my screen.

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I suck with it.

I think it’s the timing issue. With longshot I press the button and it fires… with Embar I have to find the target and then guess their future path in my head because as soon as I charge it up, I know they will be alert to it and scrambling somewhere. Or I have to charge it 15 times waiting for them to finally pop their head up at the right time. (By which case, I’m usually dead because I’ve been hyper focusing on them).

I’m decent with longshot though.

In higher level lobbies I find it’s best application is when observing scrambles. Unlike the Longshot, your teammates can’t block the Embar so you can shoot through teammates and get kills or body shots.

When enemies are fighting the charging noise and the charge time itself isn’t as much an issue. It’s really forgiving in that you don’t get partial headshots like with Longshot. They’re all kills. And body shots are brutal + stopping power if active. Super helpful for teammates in a fight.

Using it like a Longshot is really frustrating for the reasons you mentioned. Good players will just peek and F with you to keep you distracted.

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Good points, perhaps that’s why I suck. I’m using it like a longshot rather than a nuisance.

Sidenote: I also used to suck with the overkill. I hated that thing so much. Turns out I was just using it wrong. I was firing it super fast and super close and it didn’t do squat. Then I learned that if you stand just a little bit out of gnasher range and fire one shot and hold the button for a sec and release for the next shot that the thing is accurate and deadly as hell. You just have to hard aim, alter the fire rate by half a second per shot or so instead of full auto.

I still don’t LOVE it, but I’ll pick it up if I see it.

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Yeah, as mentioned, Lag Comp catering for the high ping warriors :sob:

i use it in horde all the time in order to bring up the damage for magic bullet

I don’t have an issue with the EMBAR. It’s a good weapon for mid range sniping and combat. The charge mitigates the strengths and it’s easy enough to avoid as long as you use cover enough.

I’d agree that the Longshot needs a very small buff though. Perhaps make active reloads penetrate multiple targets? I say this because the EMBAR does seem stronger than the Longshot and truth is, once I get an EMBAR in Horde I basically never use the Longshot anymore.

My only issue with the Embar AND the Longshot is trying to get the achievements for them. Embar especially is ridiculous, three headshots in a single clip? I’ve gotten two headshots in a clip then another headshot the next clip, but three? That achievement should’ve been left in the secrets pile.
Atleast with the longshot i’m like one super/hat trick away from the achievement now.

Isn’t the EMBAR requirement to get three kills, not headshots? Headshots obviously work, but you could body-shot three enemies who are slightly wounded.

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I find threads like this funny, the game has been out for 2 years now and still can’t get used to certain weapons lol

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:0 Wat? YOU’RE RIGHT… I kept getting it mixed up with the Markza, I can never remember these achievements to the letter lol… well, now the achievement will be easy as pie. Thanks >~>

For me, getting immersed with the embar and enforcer and overkill requires me to play a DB, but that’s just me. If I can’t play as a bot, somehow I lose all understanding of the weapon.

no. most of the time these are complaints from people who just rage quit after being slapped around with the weapon.

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