Embar and Torque Bow (Katana Skins)

Today, I saw the e-sports event to claim the 13 Katana weapon skins. I claimed all of them and I already received the majority of them, but the EMBAR and Torque Bow skins are still missing. Could you please, check why I haven’t receive them, yet?
Thank you

Have you tried restarting your game or console?

Yeap. (Twice)

This skin annoys me because when I got the alert “Katana Breaker Mace” from the Gears Utility app I figured it was a reskin of the Breaker to look like an actual Katana…

Not some mustard with a biker samurai on the front.

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i am missing those two as well so maybe it’s just delayed

Same here. :thinking:

Well, at least I’m not the only one. Good to know that point.

Okay so I’m not going insane, missing them as well. Maybe give it til Monday or Tuesday after the finals are done to see if they appear before sending in a support ticket. They were having issues with the quests before they fixed em so maybe the torque and embar didn’t fully get fixed?

I thought this was an issue just for me but I hope TC can resolve the issue without all of us submitting a ticket saying we got the same problem

Maybe @TC_Sera could look into this?

I didnt get the skins from e sports yesterday is there a way to get them again?

No. Each skin can only be claimed for a limited time during the stream.

Send a ticket into Support, please, before tagging me in :wink:

'cause then you’ll tag me in and I’ll say ‘Have you sent a ticket in to Support?’


Wasn’t really expecting a reply. Just wanted to make sure it was on the radar. Thanks.

FYI :point_down:t2:

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I just submitted a ticket not sure how long it takes not done this before either

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Same thing happened to me, no bow or Embar.

mine too still missing both embar and torque

I have now received my skins

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Confirmed, thank you TC for the help.