Elite series 2 controller lag problem

I’ve noticed that on gears 5 more than gears 4 that the input latency is really terribly and just wondered if any 1 has tried using a wireless controller with the charge cable and if it improves or even eliminates the latency all together?

I don’t think that’s on the hardware side. I have a charging cable I use with a regular Xbox one x controller I truly don’t feel a difference.

Yea i probably used the controller type in a way i shouldn’t but just wondered if using the cable supplied regardless of brand but more on a “wireless” controller would reduce input latency that’s all.


Yeah, I’m fairly certain a wire doesn’t help with latency at all.

Plus there are tests suggesting that there is slightly more input lag in Gears 5 than in Gears 4. But only very slightly. Probably not a big enough difference that you will see, however.

Been saying this since day 1
There is serious input lag and it feels like ot has gotten worse.

I also feel like tc has some sort of lag compensation for low ping players. I was in a match n my ping was in the 30s. Then I play 2 v 2 and my ping was literally 4 and it felt like there was way more input lag when my ping was tht low.
It should be the opposite. There are only 4 players total . The game in theory should run a hell va lot smoother but it is just the opposite. It was literally night and day.

It’s the main reason I gave up on Gears 5, the sluggish response and delays. I hate playing games that feel like that. Even on a mouse and keyboard it feels terrible to me. In fact, I think it feels better on controller but still not good. Using a super low latency monitor doesn’t help.


My series 2 disconnects at random times, as nd i get a screen popup prompting me to reconnect my input device. I never had those with series 1. Maybe using a cable would help with those issues…

It’s delay on everything. The animations play too long on the characters. Which impacts the gameplay with delay.
When someone press a button you expect instant feedback. But the animations and added game mechanics are slowing the feedback the player is looking for down.

I’m not saying the animations are bad because they are really good. But it impacts the gameplay.

it’s undeniable. I hate playing with a low ping.

when i got play Apex, i feel like i can breath. like i come up from underneath water.

This game is so unresponsive for me that out of pure suspicion i only play with my elite controller 2 plugged into the console. In my pea brain it seems to make sense.

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I play with it plugged in because it keeps disconnecting on me mid game on bluetooth all the time…

Well done, MS… As real premium product … Not…

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