Elite Pack vanished! STILL NOTHING NEW!

Hey, i opened 3 Elite Packs but at the 2nd it showed me an error twice. After that i backed out to the main menu an when i went into the store again there was just one Elite Pack left. I messaged the Coalition on twitter but now answer for two weeks. You can watch my video under my actvity feed. Gamertag: SammyDy

Check your inventory to see if the cards are there. If you have opened the pack they will be in your inventory and the pack will have vanished even if you hadn’t “revealed” the cards yet.

I know what you mean but the 2nd pack didn’t open at all and showed me an error message and it was still there when i backed out of the store (see video). I had no new cards in my inventory though.

Ok I watched the video and I see where it says “unable to open pack” and in the video it does appear to vanish. I’ll pass this along tomorrow when TC is back from the holiday.

I am still waiting for an answer from TC but nothing yet. Even twittered them but no answer.