Elite controller worth it?

Any of you guys using the Elite controller? I’d like to know if it’s worth it, since I’ve gone through 2 Standard one’s (1 has a stick problem, and mashed the A button on the other one, because I bounce a lot using Default controls)

Is the overall quality of the Elite really that much better?

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I love my Elite controller - only recently got it but so much better than the standard.

NO NO and NO! Ots a rip off. It will start falling apart after a few months of heavy use. Get a scuff pad mate.
The 360 pads were so much better than the xone.


Had it for 2 months and it’s still like brand new.

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I have had mine since launch and it works like brand new. Even scrubbed the grips with soap and water under a gentle faucet (carefully). I think it’s absolutely worth it, I would buy another one if mine broke. That said I do not believe it’s any more durable than a regular controller. The same plastic parts exist in both under the shell. I firmly believe people who break their controllers are not as gentle as they claim to be. I have never dropped nor thrown mine.

Stick drift is another issue, that comes with use as the Elite uses the exact same modules as the standard controller.

Yes, once you have one the standard controllers feels inadequate. It has several decent features such a as detachable magnetic buttons and vibration configurations, but I don’t really bother with either.

It just feels greater quality overall.

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I just love the “bump stops” on the triggers and I turn the deadzones right down to 5-5 per trigger so they react instantly when I press.

I also set the analog sticks to “agressive” on the tuning.

I don’t really use the paddles as 12 years or muscle memory means I can only play with Standard Control scheme :+1:

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I wasn’t going to go into detail but I know what you mean :joy:

I have a similar setup. The absolute “no patience” set up.

I agree with the paddles, I’ve found zero use for them whatsoever. Especially in Gears.

…plus it looks better without them.

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Yeah, I tried to use the paddles but using Defualt Control Scheme limits what you can do with the paddles without it becoming uncomfortable to hold.

Either way, I’m happy with the few tweaks and the solid feel of the controller, plus I get to dim down the logo light on the controller :laughing:

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Ha! Exactly, you have to look real close to mine to see if it’s on :joy:

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Strongly disagree on the paddles. They are the one feature that makes or breaks the Elite. Took me some getting used to at first, so I started with only one paddle. Mostly playing Ubisoft games, the X is the most often used button so I mapped it to the one paddle, I slowly added on all the paddles until all four were in use.

With gears, I have X mapped to a paddle to pick up weapons, I have the left and right stick presses mapped to two more paddles for zooming in and marking enemies. I see so few people marking enemies unless it’s the sniper, a paddle makes marking so easy

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A previous post mentions stick drift being an issue on the elite too. I wonder if mapping the clicks to the paddles would help to prevent it. Thus far every controller (360 or standard x1) I’ve had drift on occurred with the left, and I wonder if it’s related to running in fps. (Obviously not quite related to gears).

I haven’t had stick drift in my elites but I map my clicks to the triggers and triggers to the long paddles. I’ve always found pushing in the sticks on the elites to require too much effort and throw off my snipes slightly so having the triggers do the mark and zoom is a much cleaner technique for me.

I’ve had mine since launch and it still looks and feels brand new. Absolutely love the damn thing and can’t even use a standard controller anymore😂Paddles take some getting used to, but trust me they’re worth it in the long run

You mean those controllers that fail constantly just outside of their 90 day warranty and SCUF without fail says “too bad”? Yeah, no thank you. Yes, Elite controllers have issues but many times Microsoft will actually warranty them even a year later even though it’s a 90 day limited warranty. Plus, if you’re educated enough on where to buy you’d know to buy an Elite at Best Buy with a $20 Geek Squad Protection Plan so they’ll replace it on the spot if it does break.

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Not saying the paddles aren’t good, I just feel for me personally, I wouldn’t be able to get used to them so sadly can’t use them.

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I have used an Elite controller since they came out and like you I can’t get used to the paddles. There’s just something odd feeling about them so I stopped trying to use them. Even so, the overall feel of the Elite is superb and I can’t go back to a standard controller.

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Pretty much this :+1:

If you can rain yourself to utilize the paddles then its worth it. It will make you a better player. You can keep both thumps on both joy sticks which helps with wall bouncing.

Don’t buy a scuff. They’re stupid. Take my advice. Go to Best Buy buy an buy an Elite controller along with their warranty. I believe its only 25 bucks for two years. and right when the warranty is gonna expire just go in and lie and say its broken. They’ll hand you a new one no questions asked. Bam you just got a new elite controller for 25 bucks. Rinse and repeat. Once you pay for the initial price tag you can cycle out new elite controllers for 25 bucks when ever you want.

The elite controller is worth it. Once you start to use it, the regular controller will feel outdated for most games. The elite is the way to go. Costumize button layout plus 4 extra buttons. You can costumize the triggers and joystick sensitivity. You can make button layouts for different games. Also the vibrations are way better in the elite controller. Its just a great controller if you game allot. Not only for gears but for all other games. Its more ergonomic aswell. This is the best controller thats why other companies try to do the same. the price is justified if you learn how to utilize the controller for different games and the paddles. It can be a bit of an tedious learning curve.

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