Elite Controller Setup

Just snagged a brand new elite controller off of FB Marketplace for $60.

Anyone use one on here?

Do you find the paddles help?

How do you set yours up? Did you end up switching full control schemes?

I use mine as a regular controller but I lock the right trigger so it has a shorter pull.

I sure hope your controller truly is new because the sticks tend to get loose fairly easily. I’ve been through 11 of them with many either being loose out of the box or within weeks to a month. Luckily my current one has been great for a while now but I still don’t trust them. The reason I bring this up is I treat everything I own like a fragile baby yet these still failed. Thankfully I have the Best Buy Geek Squad plan to protect it, lol.

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Paddles off.

Trigger sensitivity down to 5 so shoots and aims as soon as I touch the button.

Joysticks set to Agressive style.

Pretty much it.

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Yep brand new, still sealed, just opened it like an hour ago.

Trying to test settings etc on it. Debating whether or not to use the paddles

I use the paddles so it’s more ergonomic for my big hands. Triggers re-assigned to the large paddles and the small paddles assigned to my X and A (run and slide in classic alt).
I found out pro player Francis (Echo Fox) does the same X and A to paddles thing.

With my aim and zoom re-assigned I use the triggers for zoom and mark so that I don’t have to push in the sticks and mess up my aim on quick scopes (pushing in sticks on a new elite controller is not smooth).

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I wish I could make use of the paddles but 12 years of Gears using Default means my muscle memory refuses to chance :sweat_smile:

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I’m going to try it. Been default for the same 12yrs lolol

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I hear you. I am a hopeless tinkerer, and always have to change things, just for the sake of exploration. Friends are used to hearing me say, “Sorry, I just remapped my buttons” after failing to pick them up, etc.

I finally had everything set up consistent for a couple months and decided last night that I need to swap melee and reload. So, I hopped on today and found myself repeatedly standing over downed opponents and proceeding to jam a reload. :smile:

This is the first gears that I actually spent a lot of time playing so muscle memory hasn’t been established all that well yet.


You have to find that right mix - I go through trial and error with sensitivity options on every game as they have grown from simple to a bit more complex in 4.

So I understand this :+1:

Definitely use the paddles! Like they said, you will have your muscle memory from playing for so long. It took me a solid 2-3 months of constantly playing to get used to the paddles. But holy hell when you do, you’ll be able to move so much faster and smoother. Like paying on tournament controls but your hand doesn’t cramp and your left finger can stay on the trigger lol

I use the Chaps style layout for the elite

I have taken my RB button and remapped it to a paddle on the left side of the controller so I can then hold the paddle down and use power weapons. Makes cooling them much more efficient. Let off the trigger and already have RB held down to cool

Then I also remapped a paddle to A trying to teach myself how to wall bounce like all the cool kids do

I use all 4 paddles. Also classic alt. Paddles on the right side of the controller- larger paddle set to roadie run/omnidirectional roll, smaller right paddle to slide into cover. That way I can separate the two and makes wall bouncing much more efficient/do not have to worry about accidental roll. Left paddles- larger left paddle set to B button for grenade tag/melee/run and jump over cover. Smaller left paddle set to Y button to pick up ammo. Hands down best setup I’ve used. Never ever have to take thumbs off of sticks this way

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For $60! :astonished: The white one is supposed to come out on the 16th. And since mine is messed up “again” and still under extended warranty, I’m going to return it and get it.

This is what I use with the “Classic ALT Layout”

Mapped to Buttons Mapped to Paddles
LB → B “Melee” Upper Left → X “Roadie Run”
Y → LB “TAC-COM” Upper Right → A “Wall Bounce”
X → Y “Revive” Lower Left → Left D-Pad “Weapon”
Lower Right → Right D-Pad “Weapon”

And I tried using the toggle primary weapon in options to have an extra button to a paddle, but it kept giving me too much trouble holding a meat shield. And I think it would be faster to pick up a meat shield by clicking the right thumb stick instead of using the Y button. In horde we click the right thumb stick to pick up the fortifications.

:laughing: You’ve almost been through twice as many as me! I’m on my 6th controller now, about to return it for the 7th time.

At least half of mine had loose sticks out of the box, lol.

I only had one out the box like that. I started checking them at before leaving Best Buy.

What do you mean by loose sticks?

They popped up when controller was upside down and wiggled a lot when just touching them.

My sticks on my elite can be kinda pulled upwards. I always thought it was just the magnetic sticks moving.

You’d know if they’re loose. They literally pop forward with no force necessary. They’re supposed to lift slightly but not as if they’re not being held

Found a video on YouTube that shows the looseness.