Elite controller set versus setting?

easier turnaround, acceleration reach left-right stick settings? someone’s experience?instant? Agressive? …thanks…
other sensitive settings?

It’s like asking what food tastes best. You have to figure out what’s right for you. I see people try to emulate pro settings and they miss half their shots and constantly roll. The general rule I tell people is, if you miss shots because you’re lacking control, turn it down. If you miss shots because you’re not turning quick enough, turn it up. You really have to find where YOU stand, not what works for other people with different reflexes, styles, and experience.

Aim acceleration makes it less linear so try it at 8 or 9 and see if it benefits you at all.

I personally don’t like the stick profiles at all so I set them normal (the more linear, the more predictable they behave for you).

The elite controller seems way more responsive than the standard so don’t be concerned if you’re seeing your sens lower than most people with standard controllers.

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i run aggressive -2 on both the left and right stick… I run a tall stick on the left and small on the right with a rounded top cap i got off amazon. If i run default curves everything just feels too slow against better players.

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This will be all up to you. Depending on how you play the game. How you aim with lancer/sniper how you hipfire and the movement. You have to experiment and play for perfection. Do Co.op vs Ai or Private, And test all the weapons you like and see how it function.

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