Elite controller series 2

Has anyone here used the elite series two im debating on buying this one i was recommended by @TC_Clown

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Yeah it’s brilliant but my advice is keep an eye on your warranty expiry date and your bumper buttons.

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Thanks Phillip

Not for freaking 350 dollars like in the picture or you can get the Razer wolverine which is wired only if you sit close to your console/tv/monitor

Supposedly being wired helps with input lag

I have a series 1 and the rubber grips finally peeled off and analog sticks feel a bit weird sometimes …no stick drift but feel off as if they are clicking or something

Took alittle while to get used to the paddles but now can’t play without them especially since I use southpaw controls for analog sticks

But its UwU, on a serious topic ill probably buy a broken one on ebay and try it out. Im more looking at the scuf prestige.

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Personally I bought a limited edition Kait Diaz Xbox one controller and with the Xbox wireless connector I got for it I have 0 noticable input lag

Just thought I’d drop in with the suggestion since it is far cheaper than the one you are looking at

The only thing I’ve noticed (which isn’t really a problem anyway) is if you twang the analog sticks too hard it might move your selection on a menu right or left a bit by one. That’s my biggest issue with it and like I said, doesn’t really impact anything & could probably be fixed messing with the settings

I’m sure he wants the paddles/extra buttons if he is looking at those pricey controllers

Elite Controller 1 - grips peeled off after about a year and stick drift developed after about 2 years.

Elite Controller 2 - 14 months use and my Left Bumper is a bit sketchy. So much so that I’ve created a saved mapping where LB and RB are managed via the paddles. Everything else is still perfect.

Main reason it’s amazing?

USB C charging - I have one lead plugged into my wall socket that now charges my PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox controller. So much less mess and mucking about. And the battery lasts a long time.

Paddles - you can save 3 different presets. I have one for DPad (change weapons without moving thumbs), one for clicking sticks and now one with bumpers (boo)

Locking triggers - this is a big deal. Going back to a normal trigger is so weird! Can lock at 2 different positions and the hair trigger one is great for shooters.

Weight and feel - the controller has a perfect weight to it and great grips that make it feel perfect in your hands. When I use other controllers now they feel a bit plasticky and toy like.

And yes, before anyone asks, it’s ridiculous that a premium controller can break after less than 2 years. But what are you gonna do if no one else is making a competitor that is as good?

Uth that’s defamation. You leave me no choice but to pursue legal actions

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