Eliminations should be 50% at least & a "down" & obvious kill

If it was 50 percent damage at least, then 2 people will get the elimination at most. If it was a downed shot and a kill then pretty much, no one will steal your kill, and the eliminations to deaths, will reflect your K/D ratio more accurately, which sounds like more fun.

Edit: this doesn’t address the fact that some game modes, such as free for all, can be what it is already, stats with kills and deaths only.

PS: this idea is for the fact that too many people on the same team are getting an identical elimination amount. This makes it harder to figure out what is a good elimation number to reach.
The way its done already needs to be adjusted.



Can someone explain why people care about them adding the elimination system? Before this it seemed a vocal minority complained about kill stealing in every single Gears game.

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Why ? So I can spend more time getting my 75 Eliminations ?
Seriously if you need kills for a daily it can be a bit frustrating, but it’s not like the dailies or Medals are that hard.
So why do you care so much about getting the kill ?

I have a question.

Does K/D ratio factor both eliminations and kills?

Or does it factor only kills?

(I think its the latter, I just want additional confirmation)

I updated the original post to reply to your post :slight_smile:
Please check :heavy_check_mark:it out :pray:

How about an overall damage stat?

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For every kill i would lik a flower to appear on my characters head, kinda like a small headband, while assist flowers go round the waist.

Obviously u could customize the colour and flower from main menu.

I love this in cod warzone.

So many games friend is like “yeah i got 5 kills”

Great, but all you did was cleanup my work. You have 800 damage, i have 2000 and 4 kills.

“Sh sh sh shhhh” :sweat_smile:

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Most of the time, even if somebody has the same elims as you, you can tell who did most of the work by your score. The match score is an easy way to tell who was really putting in damage.

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I never seen this, but I know that I would still pay attention to my kills and deaths, so there would have to be a elimination count like the one I suggested or/ & just literal kills and deaths recorded on the stats as well. (Which defeats TC’s whole reason to have elimations)
Damage doesn’t mean much to me, if I can’t easily see how much kills and deaths I’ve made as well.
Knowing this without having to put in the work to understand the in game little details, not having to read a book or watch a seperate video. If I had to though hopefully it was not to long and didn’t require to much work to understand to be honest. I think alot of people would expect this too. I think alot of people look at kills to deaths to judge a good or bad day/ game too.

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