Eliminations need to be removed from Ranked PvP

I like the eliminations but how about this you only get an elimination for fully killing a player. Downing a player and having a teammate take the down. Taking a downed player. However NOT for doing damage only. That way players who damage 50 players with a lancer but only get 20 downs only gets 20 eliminations. And that’s only if they or a teammate finishes the down?!?!

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Sounds kinda overly specific. It’s an assist all around which is what eliminations are supposed to encompass along with kills.

Nah, leave the eliminations. A cross is way more important than a kill. Anyone can steal kills that’s why k/d is flawed.


K/D is not flawed. More skilled players will achieve more one shot gib and headshot kills. The object of TDM and several other modes is to kill the other team, while not using your own respawns. The game rewards players who kill opponents without downing them more points. Eliminations are flawed as they take marginal combat engagement to earn.

K/d is far from the best indicator of skill in a 5 v 5 objective based game scenario. I do think it shouldn’t be that big of deal to include it. But imo, this mindset is what is ruining a lot of ranked. If you wanna go show off, go play 2v2 gnasher. Besides that, just try to win. Individual performance is no longer what drives what ranks you up in KOTH…yet a lot of people still play like it does. They would rather stay alive and get 2 extra elims, then break the other team and stop the scoring. I see it all the time. Winning 2-0 is what ranks you up the fastest.


My issue with eliminations is that they are handed out like candy at Halloween. Eliminations are far too easy to earn; they’re comparable to participation ribbons at sports event.

Ok let’s go by K/D and return to the days when the forums were flooded with complaints about kill stealers.

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Yeah, they’re participation awards, for participating in the kills. Like a TEAMMATE.

Jokes aside though, so far your only defense is that it’s “cheap”, yet you’ve been ignoring the arguments for the scoreboard. Those elims are just for how many kills you were involved in but the scoreboard shows your WORK.

“Skill” in a team based game mode like KOTH or TDM (ESPECIALLY Escalation and Execution) involves far more than just your shotty snipes (since you mention gibs and headshots), I hope you realize that.


Blah blah blah kd is skill.

No its not in a team based game.

Get off ur high horse… kd is easy to manipulate even in ranked. Seen numerous people camp a right hand advantage wall n get kills but contribute very little to capturing and holding positions of power, power weapons etc as a team.

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I for one glad for elims :slight_smile: no more need to complain about kill stealing, cept for when you’ve earned that final juicy execution :wink:

And uh, assisting in a kill is teamwork, FYI akimbo you silly goose.

Eliminations would be fine as a stat if they were worth anything to the ranking system, but they are not. Only kills are.
That makes eliminations pointless as a stat AND leaves the stat you need to see off the scoreboard. Which is mega stupid.

Well my k/d is like 2.10 in TDM over 1,500 matches, in that mode. & even I think eliminations should stay. It just means I play smart but I’ve met some real good players with worse k/d’s than mine. I don’t frown upon them because what makes a good k/d is a good team. I know my pretty k/d would be nasty if I didn’t get matched with decent teammates. Besides k/d means nothing because my k/d is with master players & someone can have a higher k/d than mine but be in gold tier or have a fraction of the games as me. Same wih wins. I’m #10 or something in wins but my wins are against master or diamond players as opposed to some top players who can’t even crack onyx but are above me & have inflated stats against lesser competition. That’s why stats don’t mean much. Especially k/d.

I’m one of the finest TDM players with a beast k/d out there & I don’t look down upon eliminations. Players need to see that what they do matters. I’ll rush you but I love a good team cross softening up the opponent while I deliver the killing blow or vice versa.

If you want to see k/d just go look at your k/d & leaderboards. It upsets me to see a person with 16.0 k/d & their on top of the leader board but only played gears for an hour & never touched it again. Like go look. Most players with double digit k/d never play the game but they get credit for playing the game once & are on the leaderboards forever. While I’m a true player grinding wihh th a measly 2.10 & will never have a 16.0. K/d is easily manipulated if you check out the leaderboards.

I think elims is a positive addition because it promotes crossing. A player will be more motivated to cross & help out than try to rush just to get a kill.

My thoughts.

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Strongly agree with this sentiment. Eliminations help show the teams consistency and teamwork much better. An even across the board elimination total means the team are very in sync and is easier to recognize on a score board than kills and assists being tracked.

Halo is another team oriented game that when I look at the score board I basically just do an “elimination” calculation for the players and team by adding their assists and kills together.

Very rarely do you see a team with a smaller total in “eliminations” win a slayer match in halo and the same goes for tdm and execution in Gears 5.

Solo kill stats are like passing yards for a QB when your team is down 4 touchdowns. Oh you got 300 yards passing in the second half…oh You got 12 kills and the next closest on your team got 6…you have things working for you but your team got walloped so who cares.


Eliminations needs to stay in ranked, maybe another column showing kills but that’s not really necessary because the score you get on Eliminations are based on the damage done to that person which contributed to their death.

my squad and i tested and checked it out. That’s how some games a person can have LESS Eliminations but a higher score than someone who did more Eliminations.

Regular Elimination - 175 Score
Headshot Elimination - 215 Score

I can’t remember the other values of downing someone or executing, We’ve done this so long ago when Gears 5 came out, I’ll check it back and post back here since Regular Elimination Score is main thing to consider.

You can also earn score of 30 for marking a killed enemy when teammate kills that person when the mark is still on the enemy; so people who mark an enemy are rewarded for letting teammates getting the kill for the team.

^ This all day

I used to be gnasher rusher , but it’s understandable coming from Gears 3. I still do, but tbh the smart play and good support (specially if there are better rushers than myself) it’s pretty neat to apply in Gears.

Also it’s important to develop counter attacks to those who play supportive instead of just having your full team rushing with their ganshers and getting killed.

I’m kind of tired of “dumb responses” against teams that play more synced. It’s annoying they are this sweaty in a simple ranked? TOTALLY ! But it’s ALSO annoying having a team that just kills and dies equally and act like Rambos , not giving minimal support or marking because it has no place in their solo mindset.
This Gears isn’t the best for that solo play, still you have boxes and FFA if you prefer.

I think it blurs the line between kills and assists. Sometimes, it’s clearly an assist, but the game says otherwise. It kind of throws me off, considering the that the other games did not do this. Not even Gears 4 tried to pull that stunt.

Well, 2v2 still offers teamwork, even if I do end up running forward into the piece of cover next to me, waiting for an enemy to show up, assuming I can get the kill at point blank range.

For the most part I agree they should be removed, they’re highly inaccurate and you almost get an “Elimination” from merely marking someone. But I don’t agree with the K/D statement being the greatest indicator of skill as, well…anyone can steal a down, right?

I suppose, from the other view, there are advantages like:

  • it encourages teamwork.
  • people feel like they’re contributing more.
  • there’s less aggro when it comes to kill-stealing, etc.

But despite that. I’d rather it reverted back to the way it was. No matter what, it still looks ridiculous seeing 100+ “Eliminations” at the end of a King of the Hill match. I see what TC intended but being brutally honest, why should those not capable of getting several kills be rewarded for weakness? In regards to the way it was I’m aware things happen, such as being killed by something after you’ve downed someone but before you claim the kill, but that’s just bad luck. As for kill-stealing, it happens, yes, and it’s annoying. But we deal with it, as we have for years now. It’s not worth implementing this “Elimination” nonsense to facilitate the entire game for casual players not familiar with Gears.

I don’t want to be in a tense fight with someone, put in the effort and get the kill only to share it with some random who decided to put one snub pistol shot into them. Oh how I’d owe them a life debt. :unamused: What a lazy generation.

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Yeah I get you, but my message was to those who always complain about every kill that has not to do with the gnasher.
Any good or high level Gear match in any mode (except FFA) has to do with teamwork. Honestly is terrible the way I lose points just because of rambo teammates.

I 100% agree. While I understand the meaning behind eliminations, they really aren’t needed at all. Assists are fine and your point total is what matters most anyway. So if people are stealing your kills, your still getting the majority of the points anyway.

The points and K/D system was fine in Gears 4. I don’t know why they changed it.

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