Eliminations need to be removed from Ranked PvP

Eliminations serve no real purpose in competitive PvP; they are no different than assists. Players should be able to see their kills in ranked PvP, as K/D is the best indicator of skill. Eliminations are glorified assists that require marginal combat engagement to earn. Operation 3 should remove eliminations from ranked modes.

Please share your thoughts and opinions.


Ehhh in an actual organized team this is very debatable. A guy on your team that is effectively crossing is just as important as someone who either finishes the down or secures power weapons. I’d say score per minute is a pretty good indicator, but they obviously don’t show that stat on the scoreboard.

I agree though. It should just revert back to Kills & Assists, buuut we’ll go back to people complaining more about “kill stealing”.


This obsession with “skill” in this forum on a team-based game astounds me.

Please explain how eliminations actually hinder the game.

Which honestly is such a trivial thing, I’d rather have someone confirm the kill if I reload or if I’m too far from the target.

It’s not like you don’t get your glory anyway, the scoreboard shows your involvement right from a glance.


Who really cares?

My teammates and I take each others downs whenever possible because it’s about teamwork. K/D brings out the worst in people and I’m glad it’s gone.

Before you come out with “you benefit from Eliminatons and can’t do well otherwise”, stop. I have dropped 121 kills in KotH on Gears 4 and have dropped 120+ Eliminations before in Gears 5. I get MVP very often and don’t need Eliminations to make my score look better. But I am all for teamwork and Eliminations shows teamwork. Try winning solo against a team. Go ahead. You can’t.


Seriously this game has bigger problems than this. Honestly I’d rather them worry about fixing the gnasher and giving us better content than changing a word on the scoreboard.


More than once I’ve seen people with 20/30 eliminations in last place because they just spray the lancer and mark people instead of actually killing them


And? That’s enough info for someone nearby to take em by surprise.

Marking has so much value it’s unreal. Obviously they should be fighting too, there’s no question but that is a good contribution nonetheless.

It might be placebo but sometimes I get a match where I just don’t have a decent time with the Gnasher so I run support and Lancer and mark as much as I can while providing support fire.

It’s better than dying forever and being useless to the team just cuz you “really need” to get the gnasher kills to validate yourself.

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Agree with most, nobody should care in a team based game.

It has stopped the whining about kill stealing and, i for one, am happy about that.


I had many games when I hear people talking in game saying stop taking my downs still…and those people are always usually in the bottom


To an extent…I have a higher K/D than a dude on my friends list who I know is better than me.

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It’s why I can’t stand AFK’ers or bad snipers in KOTH. Being down even one man makes the game so much harder.

If it’s the last person and I’m standing right there trying to execute and someone runs over and takes it, it’s annoying but other than that… Take the kill!

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Aim assist in ranked needs to be removed as well.

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Lancer camper detected
Getting assistances is not as useful as getting the kills

I don’t like eliminations because they reward marginal effort and combat engagement. For example doing 9 points of damage to opponent that is killed by another player should reward an assist. Gears 5 allows players to get a large amount of eliminations without actually playing well. You can’t see you KD in game in PvP (ignoring FFA), yet KD is important to how a player is ranked. Eliminations to me only make sense in PvE where enemies have more health and take longer to kill.

But your overall score in a match makes it pretty obvious as to what’s going on.

I’m okay with Eliminations. My team crosses a lot for each other. It’s a team game and I have no issues with the game promoting team work which is what Eliminations does. They could get rid of it and I wouldn’t care but I don’t see a real reason to.


Oh god, you got me

I used rifles in a shooter, oh god

Let’s not talk about strategy or positioning.

Boxes is in the game now, rest easy.

I don’t really care too much about what the scoreboard shows but I think the old layout w/ assist was better just because it tells you more information about how you’re doing.

As far as the k/d discussion goes, that can be whatever because there’s a ton of things that can influence how high or low that number can be.

That being said, I don’t completely agree with the people that say kill stealing doesn’t matter. If they can’t reach the kill go ahead and take it. If you’re in a more competitive environment or a ‘dire’ situation where the win matters more then by all means do what’s always most convenient for your team.

But rampant kill stealing can take away from the experience for people, like never being able to do executions or removing a defensive meat shield option. Now those things are used sparingly and for good reason but still, just have a little courtesy, like the old days.

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I agree with you 100%. In team based games you can still have top tier players who don’t have great K/D’s. Siege for example. There are some pros with a less than stellar K/D but still massively help out their team by serving their purpose in the match. Whether it be to suppress the enemy team use their gadgets to gain entry into Objective or just to plant defuser and deny entry.


I understand that, executions are part of Gears’ brutal flare and I also love seeing it when I can. It sucks that there are challenges that involve them so I can understand why it would get even MORE frustrating not being able to do it.

But like you said in ranked, it’s reserved for the humiliations. And we all love a good smack down at the end of the match.