Eliminations instead of kills?

So I’ve notice they don’t actually give you credit for a kill rather an elimination, I wonder what was the reasoning for this have they said anything about it I mean at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter but would like to know what led to the change or what they hope it may accomplish

“He stole my elimination!”


I hope the ping indicator is there :eyes:

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im guessing its based on the fact that points dont mean much but assists are more important. Thus if you down someone, but someone kills them you still get credit for the elimination.


IM guessing this will be one of the changes to the ranking system.

thx for the replies fellas or gals lol

Is this actually a thing?

The only change i was aware of was regarding ‘eliminations’ within Escalation, where you deplete the opponents pool of lives/team wipe for an elimination victory.

Either way, not a biggie. Kind of makes more sense for gamemodes with a limited number of lives anyway.

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Watched Shadowz KOTH gameplay and yes, there’s no kills stat, it’s also Eliminations.

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Most likely a result of simple political correctness.

No one gets killed in a video game. Your digital character just gets eliminated. Semantics for the weak minded.


@III_EnVii_III - Oh right… I can’t stand his videos, never watch them :sweat_smile:

@Slipping_Flames - Nah, i doubt it aha! Think the decisions is merely to reflect the limited lives game modes. Where you “eliminate” all the enemy lives e.g TDM, Escalation 2.0, Dodgeball etc

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so instead of saying “whats your K/D?” we will say “whats your E/D?” that sounds weird

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Eliminations are a combination of Kills and Assists that lead to Kills. This the is the way of putting more emphasis on team work and less emphasis on guilt of stealing kills/worrying about your kills being stolen.


I think the old ranking system undervalued assists.



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I’ve noticed most games are moving toward “elimination” and it’s of course because it sounds less violent. Amusing to me that there’s children’s games like Fortnite where you shotgun people in the face but there’s no actual deaths, just digitizing, and eliminating.


You still don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes.

The game knows the difference between a kill and assist and can still base skill and rank off each accordingly.

I guess it will be a matter of confirmation if Kills and Assists are equal in weight of if the system is still kill biased but for the sake of team play, they’ve been combined.

Well we know the current ranking system is based mainly on kills. I dont think assists have much impact at all right now. They arent even a stat on your final numbers. And we know the current system is based on trueskill2 . Which doesnt mention assists as part of its calculation. How much TC deviated from True Skill is unknown, but we do know the largest emphasis is on Kills.

This has been a thing I have wanted for ages! People get so K/D hungry and rush into dumb situations to confirm a kill when maybe they need to heal up or provide cover fire while a buddy cleans it up! I am SO HAPPY!

Could add to confusion though.

Imagine getting loads of assists and loads of eliminations but not going up rank :sweat_smile:

I still think the kill stat will be shown somewhere - like war journal or the website.


I’m totally fine with that. I know it seems simple but a kills stat makes a lot of players play poorly because they focus on that only. So finding a solution has always been my hope. Maybe this is it!



It’s definitely far better in game.


Like TC have a XP system and it breaks down what got you what points,

They need to do the same with Rank.

Like have a section that shows:

Caps = + 0.5%

Eliminations = + 6%

Downs = + 0.2%

Win 2-0 = +5%

Or something like this.

Then you know what stats did what and how you gained the percentage, lost the percentage or if a stat didn’t impact.