Eliminations are stupid

Can someone explain the purpose of eliminations instead of kills? Because all i get from this is every teammate stealing my downs so we both get eliminations causing my KD to drop.


Elims are basically participation trophies lol. Well, better get used to them, I can definitely see this be introduced in more and more shooters.


Believe Me, I Hate It Just As Much As You Do

I’m fine with eliminations given the Tour of Duty system. I can’t imagine how bad kill stealing would be if it were only kills that were counted toward objectives.

So perhaps they should change the objectives instead of turning Gears into Overwatch with eliminations and heavy aim assist in ranked vs. :confused:

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The whole MP experience is a trophy, everyone goes om with and nobody is satisfied.

They have disgraced themselves with this MP, they really have.

Agreed, at least with eliminations I can get progress toward my medals and stuff when people steal my kills lol.

Agreed. Eliminations are meh.

This is Gears of Overwatch duh.

As the Fortnite community says, #REVERTELIMINATIONS