Eliminations are Bad

Kills and assist! It’s always been like this in every game ever lol. This eliminations thing is stupid. Yall said part of the reason is to technically remove kill stealing, but it doesnt, it makes it worse. I want the actual kill. Eliminations dont count towards kill objectives nor do they count towards my KD. Please bring back kills and assist. And then make to whoever gets the down, gets the kill. All the battle royale games in the last year have done that, and it’s a great solve for kill stealing. I also want elims gone because I’m tired of shmeebs fealing good about themselves lmao, I just had someone on my team in TDM get 8 elims with less than 400 points, that’s ridiculous :joy:


Thought the same thing lol. dudes dropping 60-90 kills in KOH?? come on bruh.


Why are you worried about how other people feel?

Are you 7?

Elimination is the most ridiculous thing they have added… It’s annoying and not clear at all. Laughable…

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Don’t be surprised if more MP oriented games start replacing kills with these participation trophies.

The main point is challenges and k/d

Listen I’m not a new comer. I watched ppl ■■■■■ for years about kill stealing. We need a system that divides it up, while whine whine and this is what you got.

I love the fact you’re trolling and following me, it’s nice to be admired by ppl no one’s ever seen until it was time to complain.

You know what’s not ok? Thinking YOUR opinion about eliminations means it’s a problem. YOUR opinion on maps makes it a problem. YOUR opinion on balance makes it a problem. You not liking something doesn’t make whatever it is, a problem. Problems are bugs and glitches not your distaste for something and you need to understand that. I understand my qualms with balancing aspects aren’t an ISSUE, it’s merelt my distaste for it. There’s a lot of games I was disappointed by and didn’t like, but that doesn’t mean the things I didn’t like were problems.

That’s what’s not ok. You trashing people for not agreeing with you or having the same preference, isn’t ok. I haven’t seen you ever around any of the forums, old or otherwise doing anything productive, just here when it’s time to gripe about everything and anything thinking it must be fixed because you don’t like it, what you say to me means absolutely zero.

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And guess what, Your suggestion is broken and that’s why they don’t use it. Which is it? Most damage or the down? Either way it’s an awful idea for this game. Because that’ll foster even more lancer usage which you already complain about. Just because it works in another style game doesn’t make it work here.

Why should I get in there and mix it up if I can get 49 kills a game just spraying bullets until a gnasher user gets in there and finishes the guy. I’ll easily do the most damage. Awarding it to who gets the down is a flawed idea as well, because one well timed round means I can down guys in a fight already and essentially get kills for nothing so long as I get the down.

This is the issue, none of you think. That kind of system will pull gears away from its style of play. It’s a frankly a terrible idea that was discussed before back in gears 2 and shot down because it doesn’t work here.


I might be wrong, but what’s exactly different between Eliminations and a simple Assist apart from a different name? Aren’t both the exact same thing?

If so I really don’t see the issue with having them, I mean, if you want the kill then just go for the kill, the assisting player will only get the Elimination, at the end is the same as before isn’t it? If what matters to you is your K/D ratio, then just go for the kill and don’t give a ■■■■ about the elimination and that’s it.


Right! The game separates your kd anyway in the stats screen so who cares?

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Okay, but what about when other people constantly steal your kills? So you get the down but are robbed of the kill. So challenges and k/d are skewed because people steal kills and now they try and justify it by saying, “well you still get the elimination” but it’s really not the same. I’m not sure why anyone would have an issue with whoever gets the down, gets the kill or whoever deals the most damage gets the kills.

Welcome to Gears. Don’t want to sound rude but either git gud and get more gibs or just accept the fact a lot of people steal downs. You could also be like them and start stealing other people’s kills if you’re worried about KD.

Because BOTH of those systems are broken and have a ton of Issues including one that could change the entire flow of play

You get into a battle with someone, I fire a few rounds and since I get the down I get the kill.

Or I sit around and spray from distance and do the most damage then let some rusher finish it. Again I get the kill, so what do you think players will do?

Fire from distance - then you’ll complain about that

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See I like it simply because people play the objective rather than sitting on the outside worrying about their stats!

I get what you mean, but honestly that has always happened, I just try to get a gib o just hurry to get the kill, but quite frankly I don’t run into stealing that much; rarely happens and when it happens to me is because maybe I down someone and that causes them to be behind cover and I can get the kill shot; but most of the time I’ll get the kill just fine If that’s what I’m trying to do.

I don’t think someone would say that as some kind of justification; but I also agree that yes, it’s not the same, but again, it’s the same as an assist and something that has always happened

I tell people to take my downs I never cared. I want to win, There is no such thing as kill stealing, if you don’t finish the job and they’re near a teammate they need to end him.

Seriously I thought I was the only that absolutely hated this bs. You get kills, or excuse me, eliminations, so fking easily. They dont matter at all. Makes high kill games not feel rewarding at all.

“git gud” :joy: I’m masters tdm lol, I dont have an issue gibbing. Why do people always respond this way? Git gud, lmao, As if its so hard to change the kill system and award the kill to the person who downed the enemy. It’s a super simple fix. Tons of other games have this system. And instead of people saying “oh yeah I like that idea”, or “eh, I like how it is, just my opinion”, they always attack the person writing the post as if they’re at fault. People are aloud to have opinions on here, we dont have to love everything.

I mean 60-90 isn’t even a lot back in gears3/4 where there were no ‘eliminations’

I wouldn’t call what is essentially a meme on this forum a personal attack, but if I offended you then I apologize. If you’re masters in TDM then you can probably attest to how campy it is.

Your suggestion would promote even more camping, as @Noodie_5 stated, people would sit back even more just looking for someone to steal downs from (instead of kills) in the new system. As Gears has always been a team game you shouldn’t worry about your KD (in my opinion), only whether you won or lost and where you sit on the scoreboard at the end of the match.

The new elimination system isn’t perfect, but it’s still a better option than rewarding kills based off downs or most damage done. Both these ideas will promote more camping than there already is.