Eliminating the ability to deposit to the fabricator

The title might sound strange but hear me out.

We should do away with depositing to The fabricator altogether. Often players are indecisive about should they perk up or deposit, and making the wrong decision can hurt your chances. I have even see people booted over it, when some jerk host thought you should have deposited or whatever.

Instead, we eliminate the ability to deposit at all. Now all the energy you receive is yours to spend exclusively on your perks, the way it should be.

In the meantime, the fabricator is stocking up as well with every energy pickup at an accelerated rate, so you can still buy things in a timely fashion.

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How does the box get power for the building of base forts?

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^^^^^^ what he said

Energy is auto deposited into the box with each pickup (or gain of any kind, Tap/forge etc) just like the players pockets, at a x3 or so rate.

While i’m in favor, i think TC would say it breaks the delicate balance of the power/perks/building/buying they have worked hard to curate.

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I think your idea isn’t so bad.

If the power lets say JD picked up is shared between all the teams mates and shared with the Fab.

E.g: you pick up 1000 from the Tap everyone gets 1000 in their pocket and 1000 goes into the Fabricator.

That way its like the Fab is another person in the team and you can then use that power to build the base rather than relying on everyone to put their power in the Fab ?

Not bad i think :slight_smile::slight_smile:

I would say that is pretty balanced or if they wanted to balance it a bit more rather than 1000 maybe half it 500 or half it again 250.

Certainly a more viable option (the extra power) now that the box can be destroyed.

If they wanted to kick things up a notch as well. If the Fab got destroyed you lose some of the power it has accumulated or all of it if they wanted to be mean.

I have floated this idea and more recently, and got bad feedback from it.
Personally, i think it is a great idea to eliminate the need to deposit, but there does need to be an alternative for the builder in the team.

I am a champion of the Engineer, and as such believe there should be only one Engineer in the team, but as others have pointed out, if the Engineer leaves, what then. Simple solution, now the Fabricator has been opened wide, the game chooses at random who will be the next Engineer, or another players drops in as the Engineer, problem solved.
As for having no Engineer in the team at all, well, for me, that is a no brainer, no Engineer, your choice.

I am pro Engineer, i dislike the idea of an open Fabricator. And while i completely agree with the idea of eliminating the deposit of Energy, there needs to be something implemented in its stead, for the Engineer.

Hard pass. If money was just setting in the fab, some random hog would make unnecessary purchases with the extra money.

If you lock it to engineer, what do you do when no more fortifications are needed or you don’t even have an engineer?

Most games aren’t tight on money at the end, but some can be first 20 waves.

I don’t think they would do this as it would not be fair on the other players as some people might not want to be an engineer or spend time repairing or buying fortifications, wouldn’t be fair for them to feel forced with the game selecting them for the job.

I am not a big fan of this either just like most people was not before Op4 as everyone was thinking; “people will buy what they want, stop putting their power in the fab, spend it on perks or buy things they don’t need and waste it” Playing with randoms this probably is the case but with friends or people you know its unlikely. Plus TC said the whole idea is they want people to have freedom when they play with the new changes in Op5 and what they did with the Fab in Op4 you can do anything you want.

You don’t have to rely on a Mechanic or Robotics Expert you can get anything you want weapons or fortifications from the fab, you can be any character skin you like (for now except for the ones bugged) and have any ability you like.

Being a Mechanic or Robotics Expert has its benefits but they won’t be relied on and thats what TC i believe are trying to change.

Don’t know, it’s not really rocket surgery right now. Engineer builds lockers first thing= deposit wisely. Engineer builds mg sentry first=dont deposit anything at all,perk up and build your own locker.

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It makes sense that you can do whatever you want but some hosts will have other plans and want all deposited.

They have added all these perks for a reason; to be used.

I do not think many people used perks as often before Op4 as they do now and will likely use them a lot more with Op5

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Can we at least have the options we had in Gears of War 4. Run up to the fabricator and instantly desposit all that you have just by touch the fabricator and the other option was to desposit a thousand at a time. Looking at it in 4 it didn’t make much sense but now I think its perfect for this games Horde.

So for those that want to split the power up between perks and despositing they can and those who wish to desposit it all I thinks its a decent add on for the game.

I thought of that a while back I created a topic about possible new additions for Op5.

These were the responses I had specific to that and it makes sense that it is not a thing.

Ill be honest if a player walks up to the fab and hasn’t turned auto desposit off then thats on the player. Have it turned off the second you get into the game and then the player chooses to keep it or turn it off at the fabricator. It was in 4 and in my experience its caused next to no problems at all and these were public matches lol.

I thought it was alright to be fair in 4 it was so much easier. I have done this have you? Where you go to put your power in and accidently buy a barrier :joy::scream:. Im on console you press X to put the power in but its also X kn the same screen in the fab to buy a barrier so you press X too many times, you have a barrier as well lol

The honest to gods amounts of time I have been kicked from a game for that reason is nuts which is why I want it added lol

Oh god not this again, just setup your own lobby :man_facepalming:
Stop trying to eliminate every other players freedoms, you’d never play public horde above insane so there is literally no point in this kind of change.

It’s called horde because of the ‘horde’ of enemies, not the hording of power on an overzealous engineers part…

What’s not to like? These freedoms honestly have no negative affect on a coordinated team like for example with what you spoke of with a lobby full of friends, if anything, changes that I personally feel should be implemented to public horde is a difficulty cap from casual to inconceivable OR a level cap when searching for a public match on higher difficulties, at least then it weeds out the noobs, but even then you can’t put any faith in people over the Internet and if you’re serious about grinding out some harder horde just setup a lobby and make your intentions clear in your lobby title…

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I know people who have been kicked for it aswell and its simply an accident.