Eligible for promotion?

Wtf why doesnt it say eligible for promotion… Anyone know what is going on? This ranking system is so F’D up.

Just come back to the website in 2 hours and you’ll have your Diamond :slight_smile:

I knew someone was gona say that… Its been like that for over 12 hours… I went to sleep and woke back up… Still says the same thing

Then why didn’t you say that in the post lol

Spam them on Twitter. Never seen this before

I do not have twitter, im at a loss at this point this is absolutely ridiculous

It may be 99.996 or something and the website rounds up to 100.00. I know that if you’re 93.996, it’ll display 94.00. Could be the same sort of thing.

Try winning 1-2 games? I’d recommend you play with some good teammates to secure an easy win. Don’t want to have to stress when you’re this close.

In other tiers though i have had eligible for promotion at 97%. So surely it should be available at 100%. How are we suppose to grind for this diamond scion challange if diamond is not even attainable. I’M SO SICK OF THIS BROKEN RANKING SYSTEM.

@TC_Octus @anon86589457 any insight?

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It finally went through this evening… Didnt know i could take like 24 hours… I knew a few hours from previous experience, but that was a really long time

Might have had to wait for a Diamond to drop out to Onyx.

Pretty much this, I believe.

Hence why it can take longer.

I’m still unclear as to if there is a certain “cap” on how many diamonds there can be at one time… I do not think there is… I could be wrong though, I seriously hope they revamp the whole system in gears 5 still seems pretty broken to me.

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I doubt there are limited slots. There are diamonds who when they reach it they stop playing on that gamemode and thus forcing onyxs to stay onyx level. I remember TC stating there are but honestly I doubt it.

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