Eligible for promotion... how does it works

Not sure how does it works…

I was EFP (Eligible for promotion) at 99.59%

Played 2 games… won…
playeed 3rd game lost… changed to 98.89%

played 2 more games … won… again eligible for promotion at 99.19%

stopped playing for few hours…

does this means EFP punish you for continue playing… it force you to stop if you wanna rank up?

I honestly don’t know what “Eligible for promotion” means, but I would completely ignore it.

You won’t promote unless you get to 100%, ever. The promotional period is every 2 hours on the hour (right now it’s even hours for EST). For example, if you get 100% at 7:15pm, you’ll promote at 8pm. If your game ends some time just after 8pm, like 8:03pm, and you hit 100% due to that game, you may get lucky and instantly promote and skip the 100% waiting period.

But no, 99.19% is not enough to just wait and eventually be promoted. You need 100%. And once you hit 100%, it doesn’t matter if you keep playing or not, you will promote within 2 hours regardless. But note that you are still able to lose percentage or even completely demote while at 100%. So if you play games and lose while at 100%, you may go back to 95% for example, or even demote to the previous tier. It’s safest to just not play while you’re at 100% and wait for the promotion. Winning doesn’t have an effect except for your background rank.


I disagree on one part.

it promoted me on 99.19%

It will promote you if its says Eligible for promotion. If its 100% it will go faster. Got promoted at 98% and i didnt have time to play for several days. When I got back I had been promoted. But if its 100% it will go faster depending on the mode your in. Theres no idea to play games untill rank promotion. because you will be in limbo. This can be seen on 2vs2 gnasher. you rank up and have to wait untill the rank changed otherwise the games you loe or win will not be accounted. This will make it into a slow process ranking up.

Disagree. It probably updated the results of other games you win after that and that’s when it turned over. TC said they require you to break into the next percentage bracket, so 100% of Onyx 2 (just for example) isn’t Onyx 3 but getting to 102% is, and at that point it puts you into the next rank. They may have changed that but in a stream a few months back, that said it was something like an “extra 2%” into the next bracket.

Being eligible is NOT a guarantee of promotion. I’ve had it tell me I was eligible, then I got 2 losses, and I dropped to 92%. I’ve also been eligible, got 2 losses, and a couple hours later was promoted anyway.

You’re saying you didn’t play any games and it promoted you eventually at 99.19?

If you played games and it promoted you, then it was probably this scenario that I mentioned:

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yes i didnt play. It was from gold3 to onyx promotion…

I don’t know how the percentages work but I was 99.98% on onyx 3 to Diamond 1 KOTH last season for 6 days just to see if that thing would rank me up, but to no avail lol

Edit: So now I always make sure it’s 100% just to be safe

Wow, you truly can learn something new every day. I wasn’t aware that if you’re at 100% and eligible for promotion that you’ll go up at a certain time even if you don’t play another match. I do believe that because I actually promoted one time from a loss after bein at 100% when I checked right before the loss. I’ve only experienced that once and always wondered how the hell it happened. Thanks for the info.