Elemental Turrets

What about new turret variants? This could bring a lot of new strategies, along an entire refreshment of the game.
I have some ideas:

  • Cryoturret: it works like a normal cryocannon, but automatically. Upgrading it would change the range and the freezing speed;
  • Fireturret: such as a flamethrower, but with less range. Obviously it would put enemies on fire, upgrading it will increase the duration and the damage;
  • Mortar: this could be interesting. You can use it manually (and choose where to shoot basically, like the old mortar in GOW2 and 3) OR setting up a location where it will shoot automatically when an enemy stands there.



Horde basically didn’t recieve too much love in Gears 5, neither at launch or post launch, so I highly doubt they’ll do too much for it going further, but my oh my do they have potential with this mode.

My main idea would be for them to do what TD games normally do, you build a basic level 1 turret, then you can upgrade it to level 2, after that though you have the option of going different upgrade paths, so if its say an archer tower you could either go for a poison arrow tower or a crossbow tower, that sort of thing. How would this work in Gears 5/6? you would build a basic sentry, but once it hits level 3 you simply have 2 options to choose from, you could either go with a flame/shotgun sentry (close range) or a longshot type sentry (long range) that sort of thing.

I know I kinda hijacked yo thread dawg but I think TC can do a crap ton of stuff still with Horde that hasn’t been done before (more enemy variety, more fortifications, more interesting classes, etc.) but at the same time I suspect they won’t do anything going forward with Gears 5’s horde mode, I would love it if we could get a classic horde mode (with locust enemies) as a dlc type thing but I’m not holding my breath.

TC is about 80% focused on MP right now, they will do small stuff for horde/escape but ultimately that’s what they’re putting their lions share into. Lets :pray: that Gears 6 will have a more interesting horde mode.

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Agreed, there are many strategic games with this concept.

I talked about this in a old topic Classic Horde, with no heroes

a classic horde mode (ala Gears 2) would probably be insanely unpopular long term, that was pretty much impossible to beat even back then (with no bosses/mini bosses) but it would make for a great weekly event methinks.

What I think the majority of horde fans want is just more enemy variety, and not necessarily a bunch of new stuff but just all the enemy types in GOW2/3 for example, now I’m aware that this is easier said than done but it would be awesome to fight some swarmies or a reaver or hell even some of the OG bosses like RAAM or Skorge.

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A long time ago they made Terminator and Halloween events, they were very cool and seemed to me a nice way to show the potential of Gears 5. Using determined skins for different events is a good idea, in particular for the locusts. Is it very hard to make an event with Locust Drones (Cyclops and Bolters), Kantus and Theron Guards (Élite and Palace Guards)? I mean, they showed us it’s possible, so why they didn’t bring other events like the Terminator and Halloween?

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These are good ideas, who doesn’t love the mortar

I would like to see these added.


The Fire Turret and Mortar reminds me a little of Division 2. But it would nice to have them. The Incendiary was just missed opportunity in Gears 4 and 5.

I mean… :roll_eyes:

I would much rather be able to put my furry paws onto the mortar myself but I see the interest.

And yet I’m still only using guns in The Division 2… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
But at least I saved the President! :sunglasses:

You mean this Turret!? :grinning:

Well at least there is this small Horde-like thingy in Division 2. :grin:
Try to seize control over a territory and protect it with other A.I. players. :slightly_smiling_face:

The skill turret. You have shield and nothing for 2nd skill slot from your HUD icon.

I love this idea. Freezing a shot ton juices Comin up would be awesoem

Oh I know… :sweat_smile:
I am still new at this game… :grin:

Hmmm… Is there a Horde mode in the Division 2!? :thinking:

Control Points are similar to Horde, just like what you were doing in the picture. Especially higher level Control Points like Level 4, they’ll have move waves coming.

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