Electric barbed wire

Normally i dont make lvl2,3 or 4 barriers but when i have some extra money i will put a lvl 3/4 right over a barbed wire barrier lol, it reduces their speed while they are getting shocked/ burned and paired with a shock sentry they get stuck there for a while

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If it works for you then run with it. I could see that getting expensive, however.

That’s pretty big brain. Also I almost played with you yesterday but it got filled too fast. Lobby name was “No SG Turret spam” or something

Fine with me, the electros just break too fast. but if you have extra power…who cares ?

Is it? Why not just build a sentry at that point and get more use out of your energy?

And no, a hateboner for Sentries isn’t an excuse.


Shock nades should be fine to slow the enemy down, no? Haven’t played horde in awhile but from what I recall they slowed good. I guess some people hate shocks though. Or maybe if you have no one with a grenade capacity card, or melee classes with you you might go with laser fences. I never used them for that purpose though.

Yea i had to name it that cause way to many ENG buy a sentry right away and even then they still ignore the title and make MGs right away

I’m surprised more people don’t use level 3/4 barriers to block off vaultable cover. It helps in keeping drone type enemies from moving, often times I’d see the AI just walk back and forth unable to vault across, looking like morons to boot. Its perfect for funneling them to use one lane, preferably one littered with level 1/2 barriers to slow them down.

I used to do this alot in Gears 4 with level 2 barriers (in 5 only 3/4 barriers can block stuff) and I’d block off a lot of spots to keep certain spawns trapped in from even moving.

I’ve gotten into the habit of just not bothering with Sentries even when I should. I literally don’t care either way but its hard to tell when people are and aren’t okay with them so I just don’t build them.

I typically play with RE so if i kill barriers heal and thats usually why i have extra power with RE as im not wasting it repairing, aside from taps of course

Honestly I thought you were suggesting a new level 3 upgrade with the title. A Barbed wire with electricity damage could be great. Slowing enemies down whilst doing more damage.

Never tried that strategy but my days of playing as an engineer are behind me. Playing with randoms means I either get too much power or not enough. Or I build a Locker which no one uses even though they are running a class which usually needs them.

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I learned about this recently and implement it when im on such a map

Mg sentries are, outside of edge cases, pretty useless and sometimes harmful. Shock sentries that are correctly placed can however be very helpful.

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Agreed the staggering effect of the shocks is great, especially to keep Scions in check.

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Indeed, when placed in such a way near the electric fence they will be stuck there for a while while usually being unable to shoot at us, pair that with a nearby decoy its a death trap

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I used to do this in G4. They’d vault over sometimes but then become confused whilst getting shocked or burnt & they’d vault back over again & not do it again.

The OP gave me a fantastic idea for G6 Horde as what if we could some how tailor make our barriers, like electric/laser upgrades to level 1s & 2s. How epic would such Fort customization would that be???

I used to have vertical level 2s with a level 3/4 around the middle of them (perpendicular) )with a decoy off to the side. Worked a treat. Not sure how viable such strats are in G5 Horde however …

You know what else would be “epic”? An on-the-go build menu for Engi-classes ( that is if they keep the fab, which is likely considering TC is creatively bankrupt) so you don’t have to drag every barrier across the map at snail pace.


Highly doubtful as i believe TC are trying to go down the mild r.p.g route with Horde & they can go down a few sub-paths from there …

#1 Skill-Trees that we can assign points into to effectively create our own classes as we level up. Leaving the card/slot system as some type of consumable equipment mechanic as opposed to the main build component of the class.

#2 Customizable Fortifications System where we can be ultra creative on the types of fortifications that we get to design & ‘fabricate’. Potentially this can have it’s own separate skill- tree or can be treated as ‘unlockables’ via completing challenges etc.

#3 A.I composition can be fully customizable also. Each wave has a value & you can pre-assign any configuration of enemy compositions as long as they do not go above that value. This is another of many r.p.g routes that TC can take Horde deep into. Assign bosses to every wave if you so choose, allow any weapon to be fabricated for free if you’d like to make Horde as easy or as difficult as you would like. Balance & game crashes will be prevalent so there will need to be tuning of such systems post lunch in much the same manner as there has always been with PvP.

#4 Map building where we can create our own maps with a fully fleshed out in game Map-Designer.

#5 Other miscellaneous items such as customizable armor pieces,hair, etc for our characters would be welcomed, but this is not too important.

So as you can see there are plenty of things that can be added to Horde to make it an absolute sandbox for us to play in.

The downside of creating such a mode is that in the future you literally could not add much more unless you start giving us A.I options to control how the enemies attack & defend which would start to get a little crazy if you think about it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: