Either a really cool or rubbish idea for Guardian

So i’m not really a big Guardian player and I’ve only played about 3 hours of Gears 5 in the last 2 months, but i was thinking how similar and unimaginative a lot of the ranked game modes are in Gears 5.

What if and hear me out here, what if TC combined a bit of arcade mode with Guardian to make it a bit more unique and less like another tag along TDM mode. What i mean by this is the leader of each team would be able to purchase weapons if they are able to get kills, not eliminations but actual kills.

This would only be allowed for the leader and not normal players, an example of this;

One kill allows you to purchase the Boltok
Two kills allows you to purchase the Retro Lancer
Three kills allows you to purchase the Longshot Sniper, ect.

All the way up to ten kills which unlocks the Boomshot or something, i think this would define Guardian a bit more and make it feel like more of it’s own thing instead of an extension to TDM. Also give the leader something to do and encourage the leader to get kills instead of sitting and hiding the entire match.

You could also trade weapons to your teammates and the kill counter would reset, allowing a bit more teamwork.

Just a thought, as i said i don’t really play Guardian, so i don’t know if it would annoy the more hardcore Guardian players. My own experience with Guardian has been a big yawn, i remember playing it on Gears of War 4 on Blooddrive, (Please TC never add this map back or any old maps into Gears 5 for that matter) the match lasted about an hour and it was the most bored I’ve ever been playing and waiting for my teammates to do something.

Thoughts?. Good idea or a terrible idea like the hero system, heh heh had to get a little jab in there, sorry.

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I’d be down for this as like a special event. Anything to spice up this game is good

If anything, TDM is the tagalong mode :sweat_smile:

The thing that makes guardian good above anything else is the map. I think if we get Gears 2 maps in guardian, it would be much more fun.

The additional changes you suggested could be like a special weekly event playlist.

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Anything Arcade needs to stay out of Ranked.

For a Special / Limited Playlist then it’s something TC can put out if they want to try.

We do need some new modes.

Pretty much all of them were copied directly from 4 :confused:

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