Echoing Shotgun, Extreme Lag

Tonight…shotgun always echoing, rubber banding slow motion movement … wtf

What do you mean by echoing? Your other issues have been ongoing for me but have definitely gotten worse when season 5 began.

It’s echoing…sounds like I’m firing in a tunnel.

Literally… echoing

Weird, I’ve had some strange audio cutouts but never an echo. This game is breaking down faster than the Avengers.

Typical in this fkn game. Piss off mexicans…you ruined this game 100%

While I don’t ever send messages to random people I do agree with your statement. I don’t usually over generalize things but the majority of Mexico based players have connections that ruin matches. These players should be banned from Ranked or at the very least kept in their own server if they’re unable to provide a stable connection that doesn’t break the game. The fact is just because you paid for something doesn’t mean you have the right to ruin it for others.