Eat before or after you play?

I am wondering the same thing…


If u have to eat or piss or whatever the F u want before or after start playing in order to be at the best shape to try hard the game, roger that ?

I usually do sit ups or push ups


I run 10 km and do some squats and deadlift before

Bet you’re doing deadlifts whenever you’re playing with @TC_Clown

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I use my wrist wraps to have better grip on my controller

And get on my stationary bicycle in between matches to stay loose


Danny, is that you or a stock photo?

What do you think?? :smirk: :smirk:

Yeah it’s off Google… but going back to the gym this weekend and back to being consistent

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I like to shower and shave and put on a coat and tie.

I always play best , when I’m dressed for success.


I haven’t been to one since 2018. All I really do for exercise is play with the dog or take him on walks.


This is literally how I felt today when my local gym was closed today, after taking my pre-workout supplement.


Maybe you just played with losers,indicating that you are also a loser🤣

And to answer your question,eat before you play.I prefer to crack eggs into a cup while wearing a gray shirt and gray sweatpants and drink them,it works the best.

Not to good for your lower back,should probably resort to something else

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I play with a bag of hot cheetah puffs on my desk and get the dust all over my controller and get it filthy.

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That’s enough tbh and still exercise

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It is really tiring when there is snow around. Oh and sometimes, I have to carry the poor old dog back if he gets tired. Or we just stop and chill for half an hour and I give him a snack and some water. I should get a dog sled or wagon or something to pull him on but that wouldn’t be ideal in the hilly areas. So carrying him will do.

When there is enough snow, the dog gets tired real quick. I can tell if he is tired if he decides to lay down while panting a bunch. I always offer him water when that happens.


Son, I give myself a full half-hour Braveheart speech before I even turn the Xbox on. You have no clue.


Gears of War 2 Chairman Prescott's Speech (Cutscene) - YouTube

my inspiration.


Dark and gritty?

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