Easy way to make Jackbot the best character in gears 5

What if, instead of beeping and booping like he always has, jack is voiced by lil Jon? I’m already preordering the game just thinking of the possibilities for character interactions.

“Crack that door jack” “WHAT?” “CRACK THE DOOR” “OKAY!”

They could even get his music so we could listen to classics like “get low” and “turn down for what” while we wait for the doors to be opened.

Make it happen TC!

I don’t think anyone wants LiL Jon to be associated with Gears :+1:

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Did anyone ask for RTJ, Ice T, or Kait? Sometimes you’ve got to make the difficult, but correct, decisions!

They did some promo work for Gears so that’s different.

And it was MP.

Ruining a character like Jack would be a bad move and tbh would never happen :-1:

It’s not to late, they could have lil Jon in the studio right now.

I think it would be a perfect fit, a cute little robot throwing derogatory terms at every ununlockable door. They could even retrofit him with a bumping sound system!

I asked for Ice T