Easy Anticheat crashes game randomly (Error #00000001)

This issue is for the Steam version, though I also ran into it during the Gears5 tech test from the Windows Store.

Occasionally I’ll run into an issue where my game abruptly shuts down and I receive the following message (see attached picture):

Easy Anti-Cheat: Game Security Violation Detected (#00000001)

This will happen randomly, sometimes right after I launch the game. The last time happening during a Campaign cutscene, which was super annoying.

This issue is pretty aggravating and I’m not sure what the root of it is.

Some programs that I have running in the background are:

-Google Drive: Backup & Sync

-RivaTune Statistics Server (Ver. 7.2.2)

-Logitech Gaming Software Ver. 8.88.30 (for my keyboard LED’s)

-MSI Afterburner (Ver.

-Malwarebytes (Free) Ver. 3.8.3

Please let me know if you have any suggestions to fix this issue.

From playing The Division 2 I’ve seen this error a lot. The are three things that fixed it for various friends which comprise of:

a. Disabling RGB spftware helped on some cases
b.Disabling antivirus realtime protection helped a lot
c. A friend had 0000000b, after removing cheatengine with RevoUninstaller it was fixed for good

I hope one of these helps you.