Easter egg on icebound?



Wondering what it is? Always thought it had something to due with the fish, hanging around and on the ground… :thinking:

Yeah I thought that too. The fish are rendered to bleed when shot, whereas everything else isn’t to the best of my knowledge.

The hint suggests that it opens up a section of the map. I wonder where that could be? There’s several “windows” and gaps you can peer through around the caverns, which shows into an icy cave area. I wonder if it’s that?

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That might be it… Will take a look this weekend to see if I can find something… :sweat_smile:

I think the fish bleeding is just a cosmetic detail. Certain dead bodies of Locust on Riber will also bleed if shot at iirc.

It has something to do with shooting the ‘random’ fishes that are out of place on the map… (So I heard)

  • It can be done in both PVE and PVP (Except in Escalation)
  • And it can be done solo, but numbers make it easier.

(Not my image by the way)

People have already found it … ^^

Seems like you get a pair of snow/ice boots so you don’t freeze anymore on the (broken) pieces of ice.
Don’t know how to trigger it though…

That it? Was watching and waiting for something to happen afterwards :rofl:

Yeah me too… :frowning:

‘‘All I’ll say is that the reward is badass and map altering in the player’s control.’’

So that’s probably it…

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So we neither know exactly how this one or the Training Grounds one are triggered.

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Is there any footage of the one on Training Grounds?

*edit: It seems like the ‘House Of Sovereigns’ music plays on that map, but what triggers it? :thinking:

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Looks like you have to find one or more “invisible collectibles” in the water when you break the ice.

EDIT: Just tried it, never found one. But it looks like you have to find at least 8 of them and the spots to pick them up are very small. Probably a pre-requirement necessary somehow.

EDIT: It also looks like the fish can just disappear under your feet, as if it were time-triggered or something.

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My friends found it. I saw the clip but they didn’t share how to trigger it. It’s the boots that won’t let you get frozen.

Its still a mystery

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In this thread there is a clip Easter Egg Hunt!

this is what I’ve been told

And then there’s that clip where they setup at spawn and had the music active at wave 18 already. Should be in the same thread.

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  1. Shoot 5 fish that are out of place, check the “fresh fish table”, Kait will say something when completed
  2. Search 10 fish in the ice (random order of spawns but always same 10 spawns as it seems)
  3. Boots will unlock for one player on the table

Can be done everywhere but Escalation.
Progress will not reset through rounds/waves.


Amazing someone figured that out in less than 24 hours lol.


I always wonder if someone from dev team gives clues to their friends etc. Because I find it very hard to believe that random people just figure it out in such a short time.