Easter egg in campain

I found this Easter egg months ago, however, I had only published it on my twitter and facebook, I don’t know English very well so I’ll use a translator.
■■■ CURIOSITY OR EASTER EGG ■■■ In the beginning of Gears 5 after our first encounter with Fhaz we have the objective of obtaining a component of Jack. When entering through this component we see a person leave, this person wears a badge with a barcode. If we scan this code with an application, it throws us a result, this result takes us to a 2013 calendar, more specifically the calendar called: “Down Your Way Yorkshire Nost Cal 2013”. And what is interesting about them, well this calendar has a section of images with a title each, which is titled: “Dig for Victory”. Phrase in which Gears of war 2 or more specifically Prescott’s speech in that same installment is summarized. Although it may seem like it, the coincidence is much.