[Easter Egg] Gears 5 - Exhibit Stuffed Animal Party

Hello all!

We have figured out how to unlock the Exhibit Easter Egg, please refer to the video below:

Map: Exhibit
Players needed: 4
Time Estimated: 10 Minutes
Weapon Loadout Suggestions: Markza

To perform this, you must first find and destroy 7 hidden plates on the map. This will trigger a sound of what I believe is a Brumak screech. The second step is to look out behind the spawn at the huge Brumak figure. There you will find 3 stuffed animal toys which have magically appears. You must shoot them in the proper sequence which is random. To figure out the sequence, you need a player to stare at the tall TV display at each spawn. When the display goes black, then updates to a new picture, that is the next target of the sequence. To begin the sequence, you always start with shooting the tiny Brumak toy behind the actual Brumak figure. You have a timer after shooting that, and must shoot a total of 10 times including the initial Brumak toy. If all went well, a puff of greens smoke will appear along with two huge toys and the change in the skin of the large Brumak.

Hope you all enjoy trying it out!


Ryujin Kinggggg
Ryujin Phoenix
Ryujin Rekt
MiRR Bean

Special thanks to ThyAshes (Gamertag: NRG ashes) for making the video!


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:eyes: who’s tryna do this in a ranked match with me?

That would be awesome, though I don’t know if anyone would really notice.

wow seems cool but a like a lot of work to see this. I want to see the cog wall one.

will thy work if you have done the play through collect all the collectibles but then go back in and do it.

Interesting… Me and the wife would much rather own the actual Brumak and Corpser stuffies though! Hopefully TC puts them into production.