[Easter Egg] Gears 5 - Bunker Hot Pursuit

Hello all!

We have figured out how to unlock the Bunker Easter Egg, please refer to the video below:

Map: Bunker
Players needed: 1
Time Estimated: 2 Minutes
Weapon Loadout Suggestions: Markza
Time Limitations: 2 Minutes to destroy all bottles

To perform this Easter Egg, you need only one person to destroy 43 bottles on round 1 of Bunker. You begin at the “Barracks” position on the map, looking towards the Dropshot/Lancer GL spawn. There will be a skeleton with a breakable bottle between their legs. You simply shoot this bottle, and it spawns in 42 other bottles/jugs/jars/containers around one half of the map. You have 2 minutes to destroy all of them, and if done successfully, you will see an interaction appear on the 2nd floor of the “Lookout” position on the map. Press X on to interact with it, and there you have it! The Easter Egg has been revealed!

Something worth mentioning, as seen in the video, you must be inside of the newly accessible area when the final missile lands in order to get the Cog/Gear helmet effect on your character. It doesn’t matter which order you shoot the containers in, who shoots them, or with what weapon, so long as they are all destroyed within 2 minutes, you have succeeded.

Hope you all enjoy trying it out!


Ryujin Kinggggg
Ryujin Phoenix
Ryujin Rekt
MiRR Bean

Special thanks to ThyAshes (Gamertag: NRG ashes) for making the video!


Please check out our other videos of the Asylum Easter Egg and Exhibit Easter Egg below!




Awesome , loving the asylum and Exhibit easter eggs! Keep up the grind guys!!:+1::upside_down_face:

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Thanks man!

We all agree that this one is our favorite so far :smiley:

We are still looking for more! Hopefully this next one doesn’t take two weeks of banging our heads against the wall trying to figure out what the secret is hahaha.

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Many thanks Op and others who have worked hard at getting theses awesome Easter eggs,:sunglasses:

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Bottles have moved. Can’t find 2 of the 6 that have moved.

The moved 6 bottles are under where the last bottle is. take your time and look here and there. you will eventually see them like I have!

Just trying this and still missing one🤔