Easiest gears of war game?

Versus was the easiest in Judgment. Campaign was the easiest in Gears 2. Not sure about Horde as I don’t play it enough to really decide.

I’m going to go with Gears 5. If you go back and play any other Gears game, you’ll notice how much camera shake there used to be(and how little there is now).

Looks like many people thought I was referring to PvP but I was asking about the campaign difficulty, I should’ve clarified that.

Gears 2 campaign is the easiest, but maybe Gears 4.

I would rank Gears 2 > Gears 4 > Gears 5 > Gears 1 > Gears 3 from easiest to hardest.

Gears 3, active lancer. If you had a modded controller then an active hammerburst.

How about judgement? I’ve been hearing mixed opinions about its difficulty, some say its hard, others say its the easiest gears game.

I can’t remember this game is existed. I think the final boss is hard, it would be Gears 5 > Gears Judgement > Gears 1…then

For Campaign I would say Gears 1 or Judgment. Gears 1 has some annoying segments but it is fairly simple for the most part, you don’t really struggle with ammo, enemies aren’t bullet sponges.

Plus, the campaign isn’t too long compared to the other games.

Judgment is a similar length to Gears 1, and most chapters is just one big fight. You always have 3 teammates, the final boss can be a bit annoying but it isn’t Myrrah level annoying.

I would personally lean towards Gears 1. I would say the hardest is Gears 3 or Gears 4.

I am basing my response on Insane difficulty.

You’re underestimating how easy Judgement is. It’s actually a pretty difficult campaign. I thought 2 was the hardest and that was only due to the movement being garbage now.

Gow 1 imo remains the easiest campaign to beat. Then probably 4 or 5 coming next. Judgement, and then 3. 3 definitely had the hardest boss.

because I can’t really remember Judgement, it doesn’t give me a huge deep impression.

It was difficult, I beat it recently and it gave me a run for my money. Especially if you do all the declassifieds.

Karn took me a long time too.

Yes, beside the final boss, the rest of it is kind of easy.

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hmm yeah i can’t say since i never actually played Gow J