Easiest gears of war game?

Which game is the easiest in the franchise?

Well you’re gonna need to be a bit more pacific in this question lol.


Gears 5 hands down they catered to new players and look where it got them.

TC catered to new players with elims counting as kills and arcade mode, but I wouldn’t say this is necessarily the easiest… I think judgment at one point (and maybe again) was/is the easiest. The quick swap loadout system, the spawn with a grenade (I think they changed that tho), the throw a grenade that sticks to enemies mechanic (so if you’re good at tossing nades, they just magically attach to enemies), the no DBNO system… the campaign was miles harder than any PvP I ever played….

So based on that alone… I gotta say judgment was the easiest. 5 may have things that cater to newer players and they may tweak a lot of stuff that doesn’t need it, but it still makes you work for some stuff over how much easier life was in judgment.

I’d say judgment (if you’re referring to PvP only) based on the way everything was changed to be in that game (sticky nades, no DBNO, quick swap weapon system, no actives, etc). Others say 5, but I say 5 comes in 2nd to judgment.

The Judgement campaign was actually kinda hard, especially if you do all the declassifieds. That being said, Judgement also had the best AI teammates in any gears campaign.

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For sure. I kinda said that in part of one of my other comments, but seriously… insane declassifieds made me pull my hair out at certain points!! It’s def obvious that they had 2 devs working on campaign & PvP, cause one mode was easy and the other was crazy hard.

The worst declassified imo was probably Onyx Points. The nades tagged all over the beach. It wasnt so much the nades constantly killing me but the nades at times restricting me from moving quick enough to evade that stupid mortar drone.

Karn was also a pretty intimidating boss fight too. Not like gow 2s :pensive:

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Oh man… yep… that one was a pain! I had forgotten about it too!!

Also, I don’t remember the name, but the mission where a bunch of therons (I think) would make a b-line straight for you every time while you’re trying to escape some ruined building that was so tight to get around in and the AI squadmates would bunch up on me and make me an easy target for the locust pushing in to attack…. I could never maneuver correctly & it would take ages just to push forward. That one (which I just can’t remember it’s name) was the bane of my existence.

I wish I could remember what mission you’re talking about :pensive:

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For PvP? Gears 3.

The Retro Lancer and Sawed Off were specifically made to offer easy alternatives to Gnasher-heavy gameplay, and they were equipable right from the start of a match. The Hammerburst was also arguably at its strongest, and every gun had stopping power. Gears 3 absolutely made efforts to balance the core gameplay in favor of newer or less dedicated players.

I would also say Gears 3 is the easiest to get into.

I’m sure what i described was only a small part of the mission in question, but I know it was the stuff of my nightmares lol.

If I replay it soon, I’ll be sure to update this comment.

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Not until you played “stay frosty”… when a couple shots would melt enemies… it was great!!

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Hmmmm probably Gears of War 2. I’m talking about the campaign and found that one on insane to be incredibly easy compared to Gears 1, 3, judgement and 4.

As for online as in VS and horde I’d say its got to be Gears 5. Horde and Vs are just much easier compared to the others. Honestly one of the big factors that makes this game hard is the player base that just don’t have a clue lol.

As far as campaigns go, i would say 3 was the easiest. Played through it so many times to get high scores on arcade mode even with 3 hard mutators on. Even made it harder by using a checkpoint glitch to stop ai team mates from shooting at enemies so i could bag all the points.
That said, i haven’t played through 5’s campaign since they added mutators so maybe that is easier now.
In terms of horde i would say Gears 4’s was easiest…embarassingly easy tbh…so much so they had to invent a new difficulty. I remember being surprised after my first game that we made it to wave 49 on insane without fail. Sure my team mates had played a few games before me but none of us were levelled up much. Compare that to Gears 2 horde taking months to master and Gears 3 taking a few days i think its safe to say gears 4 horde was easiest.

Has flashbacks to onyx point war

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Depends what you’re talking about, I guess. But, I’d say maybe 3?

I did that on purpose :smirk: