Easiest Escape map on Master?

From you’ll experience, what’s the easiest Escape map to beat on Master? Me personally, I mainly only play The Clock for Master, but I’m curious to know if theirs another map easier.

Clock is a go to, the hive, the mines and the wanderer are all also fairly easy.

The Clock, The Hive, The Warren, Detour, and The Link.

The Clock obviously gives a disproportionate amount of strong weapins at every stage. The first supply room is bog standard but you get several precision weapons and shock grenades in the second one. If you make a detour to the third one there’s a Dropshot, amd there’s a Boomshot in the final one plus Salvos or Buzz kills dropped by Scions. If you get the Reject enemy encounters then it’s even easier!

The Hive is very straightforward - nothing particularly tough at any stage and weapon pickups are generous - you get frag grenades and a Boomshot before you reach the checkpoint. Enemy health regeneration can make it a little tougher in some areas but you basically just ride the venom all the way for the extra buffs. The Flock can be a pain, but it’s usually a Warden anyway. At the end if I’m playing as Keegan I just rush the last room with a full Boomshot and fire at the enemy from the window across the atrium before they spot me (getting a few kills), close the window shutter, plant a couple of frags and drop back to the area by the last two supply rooms and fight the enemy there using thay choke point. By that point the venom is there and you get that extra damage buff.

The Warren - it’s easily done with Lahni and a high level Thrill Of The Hunt card plus Emile as support. Just be patient and ride the venom for the extra bleed damage etc. It’s just a melee-fest and Lahni will heal HP very quickly and be able to tank alot of damage as long as things are bleeding.

The Detour - very short hive if you just stick to the short route. Mac and Lahni are key and there’s plenty of ammo for Mac to use so you don’t need to gamble on the better stocked supply rooms by going further in.

The Link - with Lahni and Emile it’s easy to plough through with bleed damage if you’re riding the venom at a steady pace.


Yea all depends on ya team, I will tell you what isn’t eazy decent

If you’re fast enough(it can be difficult to on higher difficulties) at crossing the various doors that seal off at the 3 minute mark you can also get yourself access to a Lancer GL and a second, longer path filled to the brim with heavy weapons, although it also has a ton of enemies(seems to be Buzzkill Scions, Elite Grenadiers and Rejects from what I can tell, but a LOT of Rejects).

Personally I found that The Clock is the easiest hive, particularly when you take the short path with the Boomshot. A good Mac and Lizzie can basically duo the hive, providing the Lizzie player knows when to use the Silverback in the second act if you get the Drone Elite spawns. And manages to keep it alive under the fire because the Claws are still stupidly good at taking it down. The Wanderer also wasn’t very difficult once you got the Scion locked away properly. I did it on Inconceivable duo with a Keegan who i found in random matchmaking once while I was Mac.

It may be possible to try a two player run of The Descent if you have a good Mac and Lahni with high level/maxed skills. Mine is only Level 16 with not very high level skills of the tank build. And still got close to beating the second act. Probably would have easily done it if there was a Keegan with Recharge Bounty. Or if my Lahni’s skills were at a higher level. Removal of Ironman in a recent update is also a quality of life improvement. Don’t think it has much of an effect on difficulty as spawns barely vary on the hive upon a full restart by backing out, and it has a lower risk of death than other hives, other than getting killed by venom, as enemies always come from predictable paths in front, most of the time.

All 2nd operation hives excluding Ice Queen, The Line only if you have consistent team. The Clock from 1st Operation, Mines, Hive. As far as I’m concerned, second operation hives are far easier than first op, maybe to allow more people to earn a master all hives medal from ToD.

I will admit, I am not very confident playing Escape on higher difficulties. I think the highest I’ve done is a single map on Inconceivable with some random teammates in matchmaking. Beating all Operation 2 hives on Master is such a mental roadblock for me.

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I understand were your coming from. Playing with randoms will make ALL hives almost impossible to beat, but if you have a good team, you can’t imagine how drastically different the gameplay feels.

Ive seen so many Escape players with very high levels play on lower difficulties, probably because of the confidence you speak of.

Need help with an op2 hive can’t find a good team

Descent was easy before, and easier now with no iron man. The line should be easier now that Clayton was fixed

I would say Clayton was buffed with Torque Bow bleed, Mulcher Mastery… etc.

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Does the Mulcher-deflection actually work now?

Mulcher should deflect now, i can’t confirm that atm however.