Easiest Escape Map on Master Solo

In your guys opinion, what do you think is the easiest Escape map to beat solo on Master difficulty?

For me, it’s The Labyrinth, and playing specifically as a high level Marksman. However, I’ve been having a little bit of trouble lately. I mostly save the X-Ray towards the large area with the Elite Drones, Buzzkill Scions, and Elite Snipers/Grenadiers, and I usually pass this with ease. What I’ve been having difficulty with lately are the Juvies that come in once you close the door. I set up two to three Shock Grenades as traps and on occasion carry the Buzzkill, but no matter how many Juvies I kill with the grenades, or the Buzzkill, I miss at least 1 or 2 and I die. In my last attempt, the Buzzkill shot narrowly missed the Juvie as it jumped, and I died. I know I can just headshot them with a Boltok and do splash explosion damage, but given I have to get a headshot, it’s not so easy when they’re swarming after you. And don’t get me started on the Scions or Grenadiers that get through.

Last Stand with Gunner.

Edit: Here’s an example of a “slower” run. If you’re lucky enough to not have a mulcher spawn in the first act this can be done even quicker.


I’d say the easiest solo hives are The Hive, The Wanderer, and The Link. Some of the best Escape players solo Ice Queen and Lethal Engagements in their sleep. You should get a nice variety of answers on this one.

For me soloing The Labyrinth with Marksman comes down to making sure to grab the Salvo in the last ammo room on the right and not using it until the helipad (last spawn of juvies). Or, like you said, you could simply be on point with that boltok and using the explosive headshot card. I’ll usually plant a couple shocks (get them from the same ammo room) around the spawn and make sure to grab another couple of shocks from all the elites in the encounter with the two buzzkill scions. Throw both shocks towards the entrance of the last spawn and shoot individual salvo shots as needed. Always watch the right side as there will be several juvies that will go wide to come get you on the helipad.


Even though I’m not really an Escape player, this seems about right to me as well.

Last Stand as Gunner with Sole Survivor, Bait Armor, Concussive Stun and Heavy Deflect.


Ice queen can be solo’d easier then most with lahni and marksman class (■■■■ coalition calling them things I want characters back lol). I forget most of the ■■■■■■ maps for solos though I dropped gears after they discontinued escape. I thin venom run and the mines are honestly stupid easy, the blight now with the doors glitched out is a pretty easy solo, the descent is not too big of a deal now, there’s honestly a bunch…

The Hive can be tricky (second act in particular) depending on your class. I did it with Robotics Expert once and it was kinda tricky. Bleed was the saving grace since it stopped them from healing.

The hive or the gauntlet with infiltrator. Run a build with stim and bleed

Edit: The clock with infiltrator is easier, forgot about that one

I would say, The Clock or The Labyrinth.

Once you learn the spawns of the Wardens in The Labyrinth, there is only really one difficult fight (the last part) that may bring up some trouble. Its one of the hives I actually prefer to do solo as opposed to doing it with a squad.

The Clock is probably the easiest since you can solo it with pretty much any class regardless of RNG setup within the hive.

I forgot all about The Clock - think my memory is blocking that hive from existence, lol. Played it too many times to even admit in Spring 2020.

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Still waiting for it to become weekly/featured hopefully with the time being high enough that people have to use the other way to exit in order to get the gold par.

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Thanks for asking this question, and thanks for the tips folks! :sparkling_heart: