Easier way to do G5 Experienced Ironman Campaign?

It’s very hard (and maybe hardest, at least harder than Inconceivable, I think) even if u can use New Game+ mutators… So many sections u need to be veryyy careful. I wonder if there is any easier way to get it (savedata cover, glitches make Ironman continue after u die, etc)

When you die and are still in the death/pause menu screen go to manage game and delete the data from CONSOLE ONLY, >>>>>do not delete from everywhere<<<<<<

It will sync the data from the cloud and load a previous save.


How to use it on PC?

Okay first step, you get an Xbox console…

A comment says “C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.HalifaxBaseGame_8wekyb3d8bbwe\SystemAppData” should have the Save data but not 100% sure.

If it works like on console, maybe the idea is that Cloud Saves are there to always backup your stuff so if you die or are close to death, quickly MINIMIZE THE GAME (don’t close it) and go delete your Local Save File so that when you relaunch the game, it will sync get the Cloud Save (where you haven’t died) and you can continue from there.

Honestly sounds confusing to a Console player like myself but maybe you understand the steps needed :slight_smile:

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People downvoted my solution so hard that it has been hidden automatically but I literally described how to do it on both PC versions so I’ll just copy-paste it from TrueAchievements:

Steam Guide (over at trueachievements for Steam, the achievement didn’t exist yet)

You can create backups just like in Gears Tactics and replace those backups with the current folder in case you died. I recommend doing backups at least at the start of every chapter. You can do one after every checkpoint if you feel like it.

Backups can be found here:

your_drive /your_steam_install_folder /Steam/userdata/your_user_id /1097840/

Just copy the entire “remote” folder or the contents of it to another folder whenever you feel like it. This can be done while the game is running.

If you die, just quit to desktop, replace the contents of the “remote” folder with your most recent backup and you can continue from that last backup.

PC Guide (Microsoft Store)

Same as above, however the folder you want to copy is called “wgs” and can be found here:

your_drive /Users/your_user /AppData/Local/Packages/Microsoft.HalifaxBaseGame_8wekyb3d8bbwe/SystemAppData/

Or simply:



Thank you very much CommanderCH2863! My cloud save may have sth wrong, right now I entered into my save file and achievement unlocked! Great method!