Easier doesn't mean better

This is not a conversation about bugs, glitches, lag, ping, etc.

This is a conversation based only on principle.

I see lots and lots of people complaining about the new gnasher being broken. “They are eating my shots.”

No, you have to learn it and master it. Sure, the speed boosts and movement contradict the gnasher update but that will soon be changed and we will have a game with viable play styles like we should all want.

The gnasher before had such a large gib range but so many people seem to think that easy/nooby means that it works. Now it is tougher to use but it doesn’t mean it is broken.

What about the ranking system? It is an individual ranking system, right?

It was better before…

It was tougher before…

It is easier now…

Before, it was based on your individual performance + W/L. Now, it is based on W/L + your individual performance. So you are now able to go negative every single match but as long as you get carried you will rank up?

I believe Cleven said it is 80/20 to W/L?

The biggest chunk of your points per round will be determined by the result of the round…they said that, right? It should be 80/20 to individual performance if anything. W/L should be a bonus or penalty.

What about quitters? So if your teammates quit then won’t it be nearly impossible for you to rank up? But if you play stacked? Easy peasy.

Easy doesn’t mean better.

They had the right idea but it was full of problems.

Gnasher change = good, now just tune the boosts and movement
Ranking change = bad, no one should be able to get carried to a rank

Ranking should be based on damage done PER MATCH and the result added or subtracted from that.

I could have sworn that Gears had a competitive community driven by skill. “Gears is meant to be tough, not easy like Call of Duty.”

Where did all that go?


No, they’re eating my shots. Point blanks doing 0% damage while triggering full hit markers makes that obvious. The Gnasher is fine overall but there is a sponging issue and this is coming from someone who hit Masters AFTER the change.

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Oh, i know there are such issues but i was speaking on more so on principle. I also see ridiculous things and that is what we get for having the lowest ping in our matches.

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That competitive edge died when Gears sold out. And what I mean by that is that ironically as Gears embraced Esports and competitive, it’s like they reverted in every other regard.

It’s like TC are so lost in numbers and data that they lost sight of common sense. That’s why some of their changes make no sense off the paper, in the game but logically the ideas make sense and you can see their reasoning.

I’ll say it again. Gears of War only works when you keep the fluff simple. Go out there and beat the other team. Not percentages in shots, not up and down ranking, not intricate little things that other games are built around.


Okay, so we’re on the same page. :slight_smile:

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You, sir, get an almighty :+1: for this alone. I’ve said this several times. Agreed 100%.

The ranking system should be abolished as it causes more problems than it solves, as well as being a ridiculous distraction when there are more important things to focus developer’s time on.

This obviously won’t happen, but then again when does the right thing happen these days?


Couldn’t agree more.



Ranked has been broken far too long and I believe TC does not have the means to fix it.

At this point, they need to think outside the box and either come up with their own idea or not include it.


Couldn’t agree more.

Fix the issues. Rank isn’t important in a game where the experience is inconsistent and matches are decided by a broken hit detection system.

Fix the main things that affect performance. Rank is pointless in the grand scheme of things.


No ranking also means less quitters… But then who would care if someone quits if theres no rank system.
Win or lose due to a quitter in a non ranked gm means nothing to anybody.
Only your pride gets hurt and the other tm knows their win wasnt down to an evenly matched gm.:disappointed_relieved:

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Honestly the ranking system only has one true purpose and that is to make better matchmaking. So if it doesnt do that then its a failure. If it isnt helping make more balanced matches then it should be thrown away. If it is then it should be kept. I know my matches have been fair and balanced but that is just me. I know people use it as a bragging tool lets just ignore them. This is an online shooter and ranked mode isnt a real competition. I have said this many times without limiting variables you cant really determine who is the best/better at anything. Thats why real competitions have a set of rules and are typically on LAN.


While I agree with title I the post you’ve lost me with the rest of it.
Are we now claiming that a weaker gnasher makes the game harder?
Sorry but I think its the opposite.

Weaker gnasher makes it easier. No risk in pushing as you can reliably eat shots then gib.
Which was exactly why comp was boring for me.

I dont think the current gnasher Nerf is quite that bad. But look at the damage curves posted in the current gnasher thread. Tc gnashers fall far below epics guns and both games dont feel as skilled or encourage clutch moments like g3 did.

As a committed gnasher whore I dont find the Nerf making my games harder,

I find the weaker gnasher makes the game more fun. I just didnt find a bunch of who can get one shot off faster to be fun, especially for 2v2. But the gib range wasnt the big change for me.

I find the poke range is what has made the Gnasher more consistent and playable for mid range. Where before it wasnt.

The gib range was really only reduced a ft and damage was slightly reduced.

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Nah, ranking is better in TDM now, I don’t have to worry about winning as much as over performing. Which as a PUG player works nicer when I’m getting paired with bronze team-mates. I feel like I can actually progress now since I averaged 20-30 kills 5-9 deaths a match pre-operation 2 and was still LOSING rank on wins.

They may have overtuned it for premades, but it’s on a much better state.

Shotgun is finally working for PC again so I’m grateful for that, but the gun range on favoring host server latency is a problem still.

Well besides the changes to ranked it also had a bunch of bugs. So thats probably what was messing you up.


Someone fake flexing is not as bad as not making a game’s ranked multiplayer not have a win or a loss be a crucial factor.
Gears is a team-based game, there is no getting around that. As such, cooperation and playing for the W should be of utmost importance.

Otherwise, what point is there to trying to win if you’re going to rank up by losing? It’s a GAME, wins and losses should absolutely matter the most.

I don’t just want gods on my team, I need COOPERATIVE Teammates. You can body all day and it won’t mean anything if the other team can cut you short by having one of em being at the right place at the right time.

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It’s an individual rank.

I just feel like 80/20 to w/l is too high.

Which again, was not based on victories. Thus making Wins that much more hollow.
What is the point of playing a GAME if wins do not matter?

And as for your quotes…

Someone AFK = unskilled at high ranks? What?

The new system just began with what I assume are the current ranks from the previous ranking system. You don’t just go from Bronze to Diamond overnight after this kind of damage to matchmaking unless you degen.
And with the huge quitter culture that’s plagued Gears 5, I fail to see how that’s any of the current ranking overhaul’s fault.

They get stomped on cuz the weakest link is handicapping them and can be exploited. Like it always was.
It’s their team’s fault for not being honest.

If everyone was MVP, no one would be. Even Masters has someone at the bottom of the list.

I’ve been saying this with my W/L preaching is that TC needs to get on with a solo and team queue playlist, ideally. Or just put priority towards other solo queues or at max 2 player parties.

However, I’m also sick of deranking because I made a comeback for that win. Has everyone just SUDDENLY forgotten the atrocious point losses that came from even MVP VICTORIES?

And you know what, say I managed to snatch that W away from the enemy team that’s got higher ranked players in the match, why should they continue to rank up? Clearly they were “expected to win” but not so the case now, even the algorithm expects better of them. I don’t care how good your K/D was if you weren’t paying attention to the objective.

I just wanna keep it simple: Beat the Team.
However, I’m okay with going easy on the higher performing players on the losing team so the L doesn’t sting so hard. I feel that that’s a fair compromise.

I just addressed this. Body the poser.

Edit: Maybe a 60/40 would be a better compromise. Because I understand that performance calculations would help alleviate the burden of sluggish teammates (obviously a W/L system doesn’t magically fix it). And it also serves as a decent compromise for keeping solo queues and squads in the same playlist. I realize dividing the playerbase more is the last thing this game needs.

Until they address their garbage networking. The absolute garbage way their game engine works connecting people to each other for multiplayer, you’ll never fix the shotgun. You want to fix shotgun? You have to completely change the image of the game. All gears is, is a combination of exploiting the server delay, the crappy game engine, the broken blindfire mechanic along with the piss poor wall bounce mechanic. Then have yourself a too high ping or a too low ping and the game “evens you” out and makes you unbeatable.

How to fix the shotgun? Do what every other game does, penalize you heavily for blindfiring and force you to aim like every other sensible shooter out there. But if they do that, then it wont be the crappy frustrating P.O.S. we know and love anymore.

Gears has never had a competitive community about skilled players. Skill is subjective. If you call skill being able to master an illogical concept as wall bounce blind firing until lag, ping count and bullet magnetism gives you a kill, then you may need to rethink your idea of skill.

And i use to hate quitters, but after seeing all the garbage that riddles this game, i think they are completely out of line with their ridiculous bans for expecting people to continue to put up with a broken match, be it missmatched ranking, terrible regional matchmaking so you or your opponent has a terrible ping and kills the flow of the game. But your expected to stay and feed the people that your misfortune is their entertainment.

This whole competitive ranking thing youre talking about didn’t exist until gears 4(maybe 3, i dunno, for some reason i remember nothing about gears 3). Before that at most you would see where you sat on the leaderboard with K/D ratio and W/L ratio. This new raking system came about around the same time COD started doing it.

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Sadly, there are many out there that will still take pride in such a victory and proceed to taunt/mock.

I refuse to purposefully quit matches. I haven’t done it for all these years, I don’t plan to now. It shows fear and weakness.