Earning or Buying skins fine but why fight over it?

Gears 5 Players…We want to earn are char and weapons skins.ok.But then some of you complain it’s to much work.
Gears 5 Players…We want to buy are char and weapons skins.ok.But then some of you complain they cost to much.
Gears 5 Players then fight with each other in a earn vs buying battle of words.And neither side gonna ever convice the other there way of getting skins is better.
So what i’m saying is who cares which way of getting char or weapons skins is the best way to do it.Just let whatever way someone want to get the skins be there way and you get them the way you like,because to each his own.

But the only thing everyone has to deal with is some char and weapons skin may only ever be earnable or buyable.Because we can’t always get what we want.fin…


Having both sides fight just shows that neither side is an ok solution. The cost of each character is too high and the way you can earn a character is too grindy.
It also shows that you are not meant to have fun whether you choose buying or earning. No one wants to spend money on things, let alone overpriced stuff, and no one wants to bore themselves with grinding.

Microsoft obviously wants money, so that is why we have both options. They bore us into spending money rather than just keeping them behind a paywall. If earning was fun and not too time consuming, then why would someone spend money? There is a reason we have both options and that reason is to trick us


We all band together and create a super boomer boycott

note joking please do not murder me

The ppl asking to buy want a straightforward method.

Buy directly for like $5, not buy iron to then buy $15 characters.

The ppl asking to earn also want a straightforward method.

Unlock by beating acts in campaign, unlock by leveling up. Not random drops or grinds for totems that take 10h per char.

Basically both sides want the same thing just less bs around their preferred way.


In six months, people will realize that the current model is very well done. It’s not perfect, but there’s not much to complain about (aside from the prices).

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I don’t have an issue with earning content if it’s not timed. not sure who is complaining about both

what I do have an issue with is locking the high quality content behind a paywall while the free/earnable stuff looks cheap.

for example the free Frankenstein skin VS Skeleton Kait. wild difference in quality and quite a disgusting tactic from this studio.

this also brings up the gross FOMO tactic used to pressure fans of the franchise into buying before the skins are “vaulted”.

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How often in life is the free version of something as good as the premium version?

They’re both retextures that someone could do with a free afternoon and a laptop with photoshop.

Everyone does this now and it’s usually understood that it will come back the same holiday next year. It’s entirely the players choice if they want to buy it then, the next year or maybe never at all.