Earning Characters Not Loot Boxes

What ever happened to earning Characters? Like an GOW3 & GOW2 we would earn them by doing certain things and not loot boxes. And fun of earning Characters was taken out by Loot Boxes, how very sad.:tired_face:


Hopefully we get a better deal with Gears 5.


TC has learnt their lesson and I am certain there will be characters and skins earnable through gameplay in Gears 5.

Don’t forget we already have earnables in Gears 4 e.g Wing skins, Midnight Omen, Aaron Griffin, Studio Skins and Flaming Skins.

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You can earn pretty much every character via credits.

The only ones you can’t are Black Steel and that’s because the money goes to eSports.

This is literally what I was thinking about typing before your comment, TC have definitely listened to feedback and will hopefully bring back progression. I honestly wouldn’t mind some packs remaining like eSports ones, I’m pretty certain they hired a progression developer quite a few months back.


That is not the same.

Completing a challenge with a set criteria is more motivating and satisfying, than earning credits to buy loot crates for a bunch of random things you don’t want or having to scrap them to craft what you do.

Half the characters, particularly the new ones most players don’t even care about. Unlocking characters via challenges increases their sentimental value, which means a hell of a lot more than labelling a character “legendary”. Just look at the lengths people would go to for the diamond skins.

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I preferred it as we leveled up, as much as I like that they recently introduced progression but I don’t like how you have to come onto the website to confirm the completion to receive the characters or skins, it should be automatic.


I’m not arguing agaisnt that.

I’m just saying currently you can still earn them.

Of course other ways are better for some while others prefer the credits way.

There was an interview on YouTube a while ago with either Rod or Ryan, where they admitted they messed up regarding unlocks through game progression. So in Gears 5 we’ll probably see a split for unlocks between, game progression, achievement challenges and loot crates, which I personally don’t have a problem with.


If there is Gear packs, but unlock different variants of the characters through this method, for example, We unlock Gears 5 Marcus through leveling up, but can unlock his classic variant through Gear packs, I wouldn’t mind this if the packs are there constantly or available once you unlocked the skin. I would love to unlock characters through playing through the different difficulties, one for casual, one for hardcore and insane as an example and also one for completing the campaign, similar to get unarmoured Marcus.

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I will be very shocked if they don’t do anything similar to Gears 3, and very disappointed.

If you watch this video @6.15 Ryan talks about progression unlocks. This gives me a lot of hope that they’ve learnt their lesson.

Gears in the Machine Q/A

Have they though? Even earnable content is time limited. It is infuriating

I’d rather they had both options.

For example I wouldn’t want to play horde so no point putting something behind this wall.

I’d rather multiple ways to suit everyone’s needs.

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Interesting !

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I’ve been whining about this since I booted up Gears 4 when it launched lol. Veteran Rewards and unlockable characters via challenges in Campaign Horde and Multiplayer should definitely be in the next game. It was one of the many good things about Gears 3, a lot of the characters and skins were earned via gameplay of past games or challenges in game. I know loot boxes have their charm for devs because it gives them revenue but I know there can be a nice equilibrium for both Microtransactions and actual progression unlocks

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I hope this one doesn’t have loot boxs.
I know I want it not to.

Loot boxes are not the problem, it’s non-guaranteed RNG.
I still haven’t got Magic Bullet after 3 months.
You can still get guaranteed character like the paid-for Griffin in loot box.
Having unlockable characters and skins would be great honestly, but it’s totally up to TC/MS for how they gain their revenue.
Remember, Gears 5 might be free with Game Pass.
How to earn money for those time, effort creating in development?

Yeah but do you want to pay £12/$15 everytime that you like a
a character that come out?

Only if exclusive with monetary purchase.
Otherwise, I’d do what people do now and earning Credits to get 'em free.