Earnable character carry over

Will we be able to carry over the earnable characters from Gears 4? The Ruby Scion, Emerald Gear, and the Diamond variant of both took a lot of work to achieve. I can understand not carrying over every character that was earned but if it’s a character that wasn’t and hasn’t become craftable they should be carrying over along with the Guilded characters. It seems like the only reason you wouldn’t bring them over is because the Coalition is planning on recycling them and that would be super lame. I haven’t seen anything about it and any insight would be appreciated.

Only the “Road to Gears 5” earnable characters (Including Gilded RAAM).


I mean in most games you dont carry anything over to the new ones. TC giving us a few character and weapon skins is pretty generous


I just hope the characters and skins stay in the store this time so I can buy them when I have time instead of being available when I’m away from home.


Yeah, but that wouldn’t earn them the money then would it?

How so? When many other games have micro transactions of skins that can be bought in the store and they stay there. Also are you implying that you support this crappy business practice on limited time sales?


My friend told me yesterday, “I gotta get Gears 5 because I spent all that money on those black steel characters.” :smile:
Not sure what games she had before that let her carry over but once I broke the news to her about Gears she was unhappy to say the least.


I do agree most things should stay in the store. But there should be some things left exclusive

I’m not, I’m just saying there’s money to be made now if they make a slot machine time-restricted, it’s not a good thing whatsoever, but TCs biggest problem with 4 was the Now mentality, which will hurt sales Later.

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I have also never heard of games carrying over purchases to the next game before. Given how many people assume it would surely some games must do, just nothing that I have ever played.

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It’s not like we want them to be free (even though it would be awesome) I’m willing to pay for them but I just hate the idea of DLC being limited time only, not everyone has time to be around these games 24/7.

Well technically it was free with in game currencies and was still limited time, unless we’re talking about BS which should have been around for like a week, not a day. But it’s in the name, BS. Black Steel is BS so you just had to get used to it. Gears 4 is over and we don’t know if it’ll return so the complaining can stop for now.

While it would be nice to have earnable characters carry over, I’d think in a game like Gears 5, there are going to be just as many characters to get in this one, and to bring over all the characters we’ve earned one way or another - crafting, ect - would be nice for us, but also probably be a good amount of more work for them to do - at least they are giving us the Gilded Characters and Esports Kait, for those lucky enough to get the last one. I am curious to see what they have in store for the new characters they will be bringing to Gears 5.

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I just wish games gave you conteht thats in the game not a pay wall infront of them, also whats these boost things, charging people for boosts or grind it, yea thks alot, why cant we just earn stuff ingame, all these devs soooo greedy, there not happy with taking £60 they want me broke too, meh

Especially when it comes to DLC which already costs additional money (which is understandable) but micro transactions is something that I believe should remain in free to play games only because those types of games have to make money in some way.

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I have no problem with microtransactions and heres why. If they didnt exist then the price of games would rise as development cost rise. Meaning we all would have to pay more for a game. Instead its at the point where you dont have to spend money if you dont want to. Game like Gears are great(not the rng part) because its only cosmetics and not pay to win.

It’s actually because of inflation and capitalism.

Yea because rising development cost have nothing to do with it

Yeah like I said that’s inflation and capitalism for ya.

Its not just “inflation and capitalism” theres a lot more that go into it then that