Earn stars just by earning XP!

You need to be able to earn stars and rank up in the tour of duty just by playing the different game modes. Obviously you would earn them a lot slower than completing the missions though. Apex legends does this sort of thing with their season rewards and it works fairly well. It would be a foot in the right direction in making the TOD feel slightly less demanding and grindy.


Even fortnite does this.
10 stars needed to go up 1 rank
Each level up gives you 2 but at each 5 levels you get 10 (lvl 5/10/15 etc.)
Or something around those lines. Could be wrong.

Honestly even just 1 star a level would be so nice.


well yes you do earn stars for different games modes, you rank up with xp, tour of duty is completely different and has nothing to even do with your rank

I know this, but what Iā€™m saying is You should earn stars for TOD through XP just much slower, like apex.

Like for an example every 5000xp you gain you get a star.