"early quit" penalties

so sick of the early quit penalties. 99% of the time i dont even quit but get a random early quit penalty. just played 3 matches and when fourth was loading i got an early quit penalty. stop cattering to the cry babies and backfill with bots!

You gave yourself away with the last line. Stop quitting because you can’t handle a match and you’ll find you don’t get as many quit penalties.


The fact there is 1% occasion that you quit gives it away.

Quitters deserve punishment, I would even go as far giving them a day one temp ban in Gears 5 imo but thats just me.

Just dont play ranked if you cant stay in a full match.


I only quit if someone else quits first that way there is no penalty :+1:

Unfortunately you came to the wrong place. Gow 4 decided that rank was for specific modes and made social every game mode all in one. Good job TC