Early quit for reasons I cannot help!

I’m trying to play gears of war online but can’t because my internet gets disconnected sometimes and now there is a 7 day suspension on my account! I would like this suspension removed right away there is nothing I can do about my internet disconnecting from time to time due to where I live!

There is something you can do…Play social. You deserve it if you know your internet constantly goes out. Do you play with wifi or hardwired??


Look pal if I’m paying for internet, Xbox live every year and on top of that the game itself plus a season pass for the game I don’t deserve to be suspended from anything. not like I can’t just load right back in the same match when it reconnects.

I paid for all the same stuff you did and would like to enjoy games without people leaving. Again if your having such a problem then stick to social where you still get to play but wont be punished. If your gonna risk getting disconnected to play ranked then yes you do deserve it. Also if you got a 7 day suspension then its not as you say a “time to time” thing. It must happen a LOT for your suspension to get that high


Are you sure there is nothing you can do?

Cabling can get messy and affect aesthetics but if there is a remote chance you’ll see an improvement then you have to do it, specially if you play ranked.

Another option people often overlook: get a decent router. ISP usually gives you the cheapest option, do some research and give it a try. The router plays a crucial role in keeping your connection stable.

Your inability to stay in matches affects others.

If you don’t have a stable connection then Social and Private is the way to go.

Otherwise, you take the suspension and look to see what the problem is.

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I get time to time disconnects. 95% of the time i will get a rejoin option, at which i jump back in to help my team. No suspension. The other 5% for some reason i will not have a rejoin option and givin a 15 min suspension. To have a 7 day suspension is not due to time to time disconnects. But are made by intentional quits. I heard that quit penalties will be more harsh in gears 5 ranked. I would suggest you stay social as it is the best fitting option for your situation.

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A 7 day suspension tells me that this happens way too often. As others have said, social is the place for you.




You don’t get to ruin other people’s games just because you bought Xbox live. Leaving matches frequently (whether it’s your choice or not) ruins the experience for everyone else in the lobby. There is a mode you can play that allows you to have low quality internet. If ranked play is that important to you then you should consider making some changes so that you can have internet that allows you to play ranked.



Having a membership doesn’t mean you get to abuse it / ruin it for others.

This is often said and people need to realise this.

It’s why there are ban / suspension systems to help combat this.

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Why would you even play ranked knowing full well your internet connection is ■■■■.



Would rather you be suspended vs having no penalty at all where you’d no doubt ruin God knows how many matches. Sorry, dude. I feel for ya, but I wouldn’t want to get paired with ya.


I remember when I was little when we DEMANDED something we at least said please…smh :roll_eyes:


Don’t bring logic into this!

But seriously,

That’s always step 1.

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Wait, you are rejoining the matches and still getting suspended?

Also, contact your ISP, because it sounds like they owe you an explanation.

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Nope, the OP didn’t say anything about rejoining matches. I presume it’s just a case of the disconnections and bans.

Yea, he said he does. This is where I am confused about the suspensions. Maybe he really just has a bad case of the rage quits.

That’s not the OP. :yum:

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It’s too early I guess.