E3! Is here let's hope for Gears

How’s watching ? I like Battlefield V why because no loot boxes I hope Gears do the same :smile:

Hell will freeze over before that happens


Lmaooooo! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Evidently Anthem isn’t getting them, either.

Looks like another Halo imo I don’t think I’ll be playing that

I don’t know, looks nothing of the sort; but I don’t have the patience for these MMO/MMO-like games (WoW, Destiny) anymore. They require a big commitment to get to the meatier parts of the game and are too exhausting.

Lol ! Destiny was made by Bungie that’s why I never play it , Destiny is basically a Halo clone
even the weapons look a like
I’m saying looks like Halo because the marine soldiers with armor and helmets :joy::joy::joy:

Is the Microsoft showing today? If so, will that be when we get any GoW 5 news if any news at all?

I hope not. Still issues needing addressed before gow 5. Hopefully some of the big mistakes will be addressed

I think so, yeah.
Should be in about 4 hours from now, before E3 live stream starts.

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Yes, just found it. The Showing begins 9PM UK Time and will run to 11PM.

Thinking we get a teaser for Gears 5 but not much else. We wont see it in game form until 2019 at the earliest.

Hoping to get a Gears 2 ultimate edition in the meantime. Don’t care much for the RTS or battle royale games being rumored.

Also as non gears goes Halo 6 will be shown and come out this year

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Do you think this year for Halo 6?
I was certainly betting on a trailer since Halo 5 was released in 2015. A 2019 release means 4 year development time for Halo 6 at least.

Might even see a teaser from both Gears and Halo, while both coming next year maybe.

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Even though it would follow its usual cycle, a new Halo out this year would certainly be bold, especially considering it would likely release during a particularly crowded Fall that includes a Rockstar game.

Regardless, Halo 6 is inevitable, but if there’s something I want from it, is that it be the LAST Halo game.

Right now on https://live.gearsofwar.com/mixer it says 1 hour and 40 minutes for E3 so i wonder if that is confirming that there will be Gears news

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Putting my money where my mouth is :wink:
I think we will get an Audio only tease lasting just seconds, probably a chainsaw revving or Swarm screech and then a red number 5 will appear on the screen. Maybe with a fall 2019 release graphic, but I doubt that.

We will know soon enough at least.

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That is most likely to happen :ok_hand:

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I bet we’ll get a campaign demo for Gears 5 and it will come out in 2019.

Mark my words.

Will see you here after the show lmao