E3 2018 - Xbox E3 Briefing

Hey all,

It’s that time of year again, E3 2018 is upon us and I thought I’d make this thread to primarily provide people information of when the xbox E3 briefing begins and where you can watch them. Also, feel free to use this thread as a means of discussion during briefing.

While this thread is more @Crobos_9 sort of thing, I’d thought I’d post it now seeing as the Xbox E3 is just 3 days away.

When does it start?

The Xbox E3 Briefing is on June 10th and starts at:

  • 1.00pm PDT | 4.00pm EDT | 9.00pm BST | 6.00am AEST (June 11)
  • (To see your time in your local timezone, refer to the E3 2018 Press Schedule)

Where can I watch?

You can watch the Xbox briefing through:

Special Note:

  • As announced, watch live during the Xbox E3 Briefing or Inside Xbox on mixer.com to receive a MixPot which contains free Game Content.

  • Each Broadcast will have unique rewards according to http://e3.mixer.com/.

  • To receive MixPot rewards, make sure to link your Microsoft account to your Mixer account. Information on this can be found here.


Really hoping it’s not three whole Gears games, with two of them being an RTS and a BR-game.

Ultimately though, I just hope they’re good, whatever it/they end up being.

I’m ready to get off the GoW4 train. :sleeping:

Devolver Digital is teasing a new Metal Wolf Chaos game.

The original was an OG Xbox exclusive that was developed by FromSoftware, famously known for Dark Souls and - to a lesser extent - the now dormant Armored Core series. Like the latter, Metal Wolf Chaos was a mech-action game; it never had a release in North America, but from what I’ve read, is about the President of the United States who pilots a giant robot to fight the Vice President or something.

Interesting, but it sounds like DD is gonna show it off at their own conference so we’ll see what this is about then.

I would absolutely laugh if Gears was a no show at E3. Despite Rod’s attendance.

I would love to see an RTS Gears, personally. But I’m a sucker for that sort of gameplay. I would also love to see a Gears game with different types of co-op for campaigns. Like, maybe P1 is typical Gears fare, but P2 is at a remote location operating turrets or providing support of some kind. Or maybe a truly bizarre mode where you’re a Stranded with a hacked and modified Jack that opens areas and provides low damage support and distracts the enemies with more of a survival horror theme.

Regardless, can’t wait to see what’s in store.

What is Metal Wolf?

That’s pretty much all I know, sounds kinda crazy, but it was evidently an Xbox exclusive back in the day.