E3! 2018 New Gears?


Interesting way to link a YouTube video

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I think it’s still too early to have something for GOW 5…After all they had jobs posted for GOW 5 basically a month ago or so…Can we see a little 10 second trailer? Perhaps but I don’t think we will see or hear anything until next years E3…definitive answers that is

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I think there’ll be a slight hint on Gears of War 5, maybe an image or some kind of clip.
But yeah, probably much more information next year with possible release.
I would prefer to have a trailer already for E3 2018, could be something to look forwards to.
I wouldn’t be too disappointed on that day if there is nothing, Jurassic World: Evolution comes out on the same day, 12th of June. :slight_smile:

2019 is were i think itll land. Its to early for a gow game

I agree, 2019…

I think more like 2020

Between Gears of War 2 and 3, we had a 3 years gap from 2008 to 2011.
If they release Gears of War 5 on 2020, that would be 4 years gap since Gears 4 was 2016…
Either way, Gears of War 3 was pretty successful with wide variety of game modes especially Beast, and I’m hoping for similar in Gears of War 5 too if development time takes that long.

Late 2016, right. I do think that they want to make allot of new stuff. And also push the limits. And in order to do that they need lots of time. Because making things work in games is really hardwork. And also very frustrating. And being a microsoft exclusive means they need to show off, and make all the need things usable for the Xbox.X. Push the limits and do things no other game does. And then it has to work aswell. Then they has to consider the Esport aspect aswell. They have so many things on their table. Single player with story that should work offline and online with or without coop.
Multiplayer with all the different play modes and two different weapon tunings. That should work online or offline with players from all around or just AI. Then the Horde mode with all Ai and build functions. And the class system. Add skins and characters to that. I mean this is much to do. Its allot of things that can go wrong…:sweat:

I’d say we’ll get the announcement at E3 and they’re going to release it at the end of next year.

There’s also another option, I think it’s more unlikely to happen, but I’m not saying it’s impossible:

Halo 6 isn’t ready yet, so Microsoft delayed it until 2019 (or maybe that was the original plan for Halo 6) and they’re going to release Gears this year. Gears 2 came out only 2 years after 1 and GoW4 took only 2.5 year to develop, so… I don’t think a 2018 release is that impossible. If that’s the case, there may be a chance they’re going to show a demo at this year’s E3.

They definitely need to get a Halo/Gears game out this year and so far we haven’t heard anything about Halo 6.

Also, Walmart had listings for Gears 5, Crackdown and Forza , but they had nothing about Halo 6… Hmmm…

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You make a pretty good point there.
It hadn’t occured to me why Halo wasn’t hinted from the leak.

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Looks very likely. New forums 2 weeks before E3 is further strengthening those wal mart leaks.

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I think we all ready to at least have a teaser because it’s too early for a new game but I like the idea of having a new Gears this year. Just let’s hope at least for a Gears Of Wars UE :grin:

Would be a horrible idea to release GOW 5 this year…Not enough time and effort will have been put into it and would be worse than GOW 4

We already have a GOW UE…I’d be shocked if we get a GOW 2 UE

I posted a response to a thread similar to this on the old forums about 3/4 days ago.

There has been the Walmart leak that had Gears 5 up, but other than that, there hasn’t been any other rumors that have said that Gears 5 is at least going to get a teaser trailer this year.

I think Gears 5 will come out in 2020 because Halo 6 is set to come out in 2019. It would be a bad business decision to have two of Xbox’s biggest exclusives come out within weeks of each other. It would hurt the population, and revenue, of both games.

As said above, I would be shocked to see Gears 2 UE, seen as it has recently been optimized for the Xbox One X, so it wouldn’t make much sense to then remaster Gears 2. Maybe in the future, but not now, or in the next 2/3 years, at least.

I would be shocked if TC releases even a teaser at E3.

It’ll unlikely happen anyway, already confirmed they weren’t working on it.

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I would be happy if TC releases even a teaser at E3. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, I would be happy if TC gave us a teaser, but I don’t think it will happen. I wouldn’t say no.

No way they’re going to wait 4 years with a sequel, especially now with Xbox being in a dire need of exclusives, right after the launch of One X.

They’re definitely going to have a teaser, if not a demo.