E Sports store slot empty no longer( Update Let the iron now be spent)

Just saw new weekly store items and the esport slot was empty,is it empty for anyone else?I’m sure there where some skins that where going to be there today or did TC change it at the last minute.

400 Iron each one.

This is what was listed for today.

It’s empty for me too. If I had to hazard a guess I’m guessing they broke it somehow, with all the stuff going on with Gears 5 I wouldn’t be surprised.

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Good news there now all there,I would find it world ending if TC couldn’t get new store items that cost to much in the store on time,because we all know the gears 5 store takes priorty over ever other gears 5 problem…

$4.00 for 1 skin!!! WOW. TC still hasn’t changed that. SMH

That didn’t take them long to fix :rofl:

Sad that the majority of the store items are still way overpriced.

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