E-Sports Pack For This Week

Is there no E-Sports Pack offered this week?

Most likely will appear on Friday 6pm UK time in the store :+1:

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I’m hoping I get paid before it comes out lol.

Ah cool thanks. I just thought they usually come out on Wednesday

Normally they do, but the New Orleans Gears (and Halo) eSports tournament event starts this Friday and runs through the weekend, so it’s been adjusted to coincide with that. It will just be the eSports 9 New Orleans edition anyway. We won’t get eSports 10 for a few weeks yet.

Unless of course those rumours of a Gears-Halo crossover skin collection turn out to be real, in which case they should be released from Friday in addition to the eSports 9 pack.

Ah. Any chance they offer old E-Sports packs too for the event?

The esports packs are typically available all weekend during events like NOLA. Probably be available Friday-Sunday this weekend.

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Hard to say. My memory is a bit foggy but I don’t think they’ve always re-released older eSport packs during the major tournament weekends. Sometimes they’ve just re-released a tournament edition of the current pack, but with added bonus weapon skins for that particular tournament.

If I remember correctly, they did re-release all of the older packs over a 3 week period just prior to the last tournament. I think it was organised so that eSports 1-3 were re-released one week; in the following week packs 4-6 were re-released; and in the third week it was packs 7-8 (this was before eSports 9 came out).

I suppose from a marketing perspective alot will depend on the Gears-Halo crossover pack rumours. I would think if the rumours were true and they came out this weekend, then TC would want to promote this in a really big way, and re-releasing older packs at the same time would be a distraction.

they do re-release older packs during these events but not individually they release them in the form of esports collection which i dont recommend buying as they hold every character skin from previous packs so the odds of you getting the skin you want are slim

Don’t know if we would see a non-Black Steel Pack for esports event.

But we could see a Halo crossover pack as a special eiditon.

Or it could be announced at the end of the tournament by TC as coming soon.

Or it could turn out to me fake with no mention.

Got to be one of those options :joy:

I think they are trying to drop a new pack. That’s why it’s not in the store yet…
But that’s just a guess!

It’s still a New Orleans Event so it should still be Pack 9 NOLA.

I’d be very surprised if it was something different.

Guess we will find out tomorrow :+1:

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It would be cool if they at least offered some old packs as well. Got a couple I’m missing

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that’s just a theory…a GAME theory

I really wish some old packs make a comeback :+1:

I’m even up for all of them to return due to the mega dual event.


There seems to be a big chance we’re getting a new pack for this event, remains to be seen will it happen though.

Black Steel Classic Marcus was leaked on a LAN account by a pro player at the event. search youtube in sort by today you should find it

Just seen that, could be a new pack then :raised_hands:

it’s most likely an esports 10 character i really hope not because we dont need 3 black steel marcus skins i’d prefer if they gave the next 3 to ben gary and kim

I said that they are trying to drop a new pack… Just wait… We need BLACK STEEL BEN CARMINE AND MINH