E-Sports Kait not working, any solution?

Have you tried searching the forums??

been watching for a little over 2 hours and im still at 0/60. And i’ve refreshed and reloaded the website and nothing is working. Please help.

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I’m finally at 7/60. Try refreshing again now, and wait a minute, very annoying you have to start from scratch it seems on the timer.

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been watching from the start the counting clock is not working. This really sucks please fix this please

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Refresh your page

It is working now. You just gotta refresh your page. I am on 23/60 atm

Yes, it´s working for me too now. Have refreshed the page, am at 21/60 now. Though it feels like it´s progressing slower than it should. Still thanks people!

ok started working but really I have been watching from the start.

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Ye same. I have watched since the start awell. Sometimes nothing seems fair in life thats how it is though. Somehow.

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I have watched from start. 3.5 hours and several refreshes and logout/logins later, they gave me 3 minutes. I watched during break timers, 4 minutes awarded 1 minute. Refreshed browser, now quest wont even load. Better get compensated this skin.

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Mine is stuck now at 53/60…This is a ■■■■■■■ joke. I´ve been sitting on this stream for like 4 hours and I still don´t get to claim that skin…They better ■■■■■■■ compensate this somehow…

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Only for proof If they don’t fix it. I watch for 3 hours. Stays at 15/60. Even after refreahing a few times

lol now it’s stuck on 63/60…


This is such crap development, omg…

I´ve refreshed too now and now it doesn´t even open the progress tab anymore.

TC can´t even handle such simple ■■■■. How are they expecting us to trust them, to build a working game?

Who tf even thought this would be a great idea to unlock the skin? ■■■■ me, I´m sitting here for 4 hours, 4!!!
And I still can´t claim this ■■■■■■■ skin

Every time I refresh the page, I have to re-log back in…

Then I can’t re-load back in, I get a “network error”

Then if I do manage to log in, I can’t get to the claim tab.


I’ve been doing programming for 20 years as a career, and this is just unbelievable the CRAP quality of code they push to production… I can’t believe any company can get away with this…

Gears 4 maps, quest for eSports Kait doesn’t work properly.

Frankly, what a disaster this showing of a new game.

This is an abosulte nightmare. I planned on playing some Gears 4 before going to bed, but I still can´t get that ■■■■■■■ skin.

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1 minute seems to be like 10 or even more minutes with this quest?!

Yes! Please see THIS thread for an update :slight_smile: