E-Sports Kait not working, any solution?

Watching the E-league stream. Gears 5 looks nice etc. but what about the skin? Sitting here since 1 hour and 43 minutes and still 0/60. Re-starting the stream doesn´t help, just makes it barely possible to log in again.

Are there any solutions to this? Apparently, for some people it is working but for most not.

Have you tried searching the forums??

been watching for a little over 2 hours and im still at 0/60. And i’ve refreshed and reloaded the website and nothing is working. Please help.

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I’m finally at 7/60. Try refreshing again now, and wait a minute, very annoying you have to start from scratch it seems on the timer.

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been watching from the start the counting clock is not working. This really sucks please fix this please

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Refresh your page

It is working now. You just gotta refresh your page. I am on 23/60 atm

Yes, it´s working for me too now. Have refreshed the page, am at 21/60 now. Though it feels like it´s progressing slower than it should. Still thanks people!

ok started working but really I have been watching from the start.

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Ye same. I have watched since the start awell. Sometimes nothing seems fair in life thats how it is though. Somehow.

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I have watched from start. 3.5 hours and several refreshes and logout/logins later, they gave me 3 minutes. I watched during break timers, 4 minutes awarded 1 minute. Refreshed browser, now quest wont even load. Better get compensated this skin.

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Mine is stuck now at 53/60…This is a ■■■■■■■ joke. I´ve been sitting on this stream for like 4 hours and I still don´t get to claim that skin…They better ■■■■■■■ compensate this somehow…

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Only for proof If they don’t fix it. I watch for 3 hours. Stays at 15/60. Even after refreahing a few times

lol now it’s stuck on 63/60…


This is such crap development, omg…

I´ve refreshed too now and now it doesn´t even open the progress tab anymore.

TC can´t even handle such simple ■■■■. How are they expecting us to trust them, to build a working game?

Who tf even thought this would be a great idea to unlock the skin? ■■■■ me, I´m sitting here for 4 hours, 4!!!
And I still can´t claim this ■■■■■■■ skin

Every time I refresh the page, I have to re-log back in…

Then I can’t re-load back in, I get a “network error”

Then if I do manage to log in, I can’t get to the claim tab.


I’ve been doing programming for 20 years as a career, and this is just unbelievable the CRAP quality of code they push to production… I can’t believe any company can get away with this…

Gears 4 maps, quest for eSports Kait doesn’t work properly.

Frankly, what a disaster this showing of a new game.

This is an abosulte nightmare. I planned on playing some Gears 4 before going to bed, but I still can´t get that ■■■■■■■ skin.

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1 minute seems to be like 10 or even more minutes with this quest?!

Yes! Please see THIS thread for an update :slight_smile: