Dying Light PSA

I don’t know if anyone here has or still plays Dying Light, but I just thought I would share some info regardless.

So Techland recently released 8 new quests and some rewards to celebrate their 30th anniversary which can be found here https://techlandgg.com/dashboard. Each quest will grant XP towards a player’s level and in turn will allow them to unlock rewards which can be used in either Dying Light or Dying Light 2 when it releases. To add to that, until December 15 each quest will give you double XP and although the quest will say it is only giving you the normal amount of XP, you will actually get double. Simply sign in or create an account if you do not already have one, link to your Xbox account and activate your quests. You can only activate 3 at a time, but it should not take too long to hammer through these

Now for the downside to this news. Almost every player is reporting at least 1 quest is completed but is unable to collect the XP. This changes from player to player, but at least 7 are working properly and giving out the XP.

Now for some tips on these quests.

Dead Weight: Kill 30 Demolishers. 300XP
This one is a pain for me because the only place to get them is in Old Town and sometimes finding them is a bit of a pain. If you run around the boarder of Old Town you should run into to 2 survivors taking one on and can help them kill it which will count as a kill for you.

Duty Bound: Kill 1000 biters 2000 XP (bugged for me)
Possibly the easiest of them all. Simply run around and kill every biter you see. I personally farmed this one in The Slums on the bridge where you get the UV spotlights. Killed them all, then made for the nearest safe house, slept until morning and went back to the bridge. This method is fast and efficient as there are a ridiculous amount of biters on that bridge, but there may be other locations to use.

Frog Prince: Kill 50 Toads 300XP
2 locations to farm these enemies. Head to the underground parking lot quarantine zone, go inside, leave the zone and upon loading back outside you should at least 3 toads and to 2 goons to farm. Basically, keep doing this until you reach your target, which shouldn’t take too long. The other location is Chemical Storage quarantine zone and inside there are 5 toads and a small group of biters to farm.

Hide and Seek: Kill 30 Bolters 600 XP
A good place for this is right next door to the chemical storage zone is a bolter site inside a hangar. Simply kill a bolter, run to and enter chemical storage and leave. After leaving, the bolter will respawn and rinse and repeat.

Hitman: Kill 30 Goons 300 XP
Best spot for farming this the underground parking lot quarantine zone. As mentioned before, enter the parking lot then immediate leave and there will be 2 goons as well as 3 toads. One of them will be right in front of you and the other will be behind the wall near the shed just to the right of you.

Risk Taker: Kill 20 volatile’s 400 XP
Good luck with this one. Best option, switch to normal difficulty and use your strongest weapon and pretty much get into as many night pursuits as possible until you kill 20. If anyone has any tips for easy kills, please feel free to add.

Lullaby: Kill 50 screamers 1500 XP
The only place I know for these enemies is anywhere you can hear them in Old Town. They are fairly rare. There is one guaranteed near the tower safe house in Old Town, but any others I don’t know. Basically listen for a child crying and follow the cry.

It’s a Gas: Kill 50 Gas Tanks 400 XP
This one is a bit of a pain. The regular hazmat zombies just don’t cut it for this one. So far the only method is a level 4 pursuit. Reach level 4 in a pursuit, and they should start to show up. Kill them before they get near you because they explode instantly. Alternatively, if you have a friend invade your game to be the zombie, you can have them hit you with the horde summoner spit, and then you mow down any hazmat running at you.

XP next to each title is what is advertised, but it is not what you are given. Remember this is a double XP event so just x2 those rewards lol. XP event ends December 15th

I hope this has helped anyone who intends to give it a go, and if anyone else has any tips or tricks that will help, then please feel free to post them. If I find better ways to farm these, ill be sure to update this with them.

Any way, that’s all I’ve got for now, so Good night and Good luck.

This is epic :sunglasses: