Dying in horde mode as soldier to get grenades

I was playing on a friends account as Soldier and he has the grenade capacity card so the soldier starts with 6 grenades. He doesn’t have resupply so once I planted 4 grenades, the next wave I didn’t have enough to plant. I picked up one ammo box, but that only gives 1 grenade. One wave I died and realized I respawned with a full 6 grenades and was able to plant 4 that round. After the match was over, I wondered if it was a good idea to die right before the wave was over every few rounds to get a new supply of grenades. I know resupply is a much better option, but until he has that, is this a good idea, or will I lose points from dying?

My friends and I used to do this kind of thing to get ammo back when we playing with random as they would take our weapons lockers

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You lose some points, but who really cares?

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Dying costs you like 100 points or something. It’s all up to you and how you wanna play.

Unless it’s juvie madness I have much better luck with a full max rifle build:

Assault rifle mag
Assault rifle damage
Assault rifle accuracy
Active reload boost
Cover boost

But that’s completely beside the point. :sunglasses:

Since you don’t have Resupply or Level 6 Resupply, I think this strategy is okay… but not when the wave challenge says where nobody must die. I’ve done this before. I’d frag tag one of the last enemies alive and blow myself up.

At the moment, I just don’t see Grenade Soldier worth having unless you play on Mercy, Foundation or Slab. You really need Level 6 Resupply. Otherwise, any other class would outperform Soldier.

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I kill myself at the end of rounds as a heavy on the 1 to 25 wave modes… I never get an engineer that buys a locker… And the 18 rounds of boom usually gets me to the end of the round… So, meh… Worth it…