Dusting the cobwebs from my Gears 5

Hi guys,been a while, just wondering if if there’s any point in dusting the cobwebs from the Gear5 and trying again, I know there have a few problems in game but I haven’t been on the game since just after it was released as all the problems became very annoying,Keep it and try again or Trash it?

I’ve really enjoyed it and have been playing it almost everyday but that’s only because there is nothing else out there right now and that’s going to change very quick come the holidays.

Games like the new AC, Cyberpunk and the wow expansion alone are enough to keep me busy throughout 2021 not to mention all the huge games coming out throughout the year on top of that.

I’d imagine that TC will probably be wrapping up focused support on this game pretty quick because there is no way they can compete with all that with this game. Their only hook is pvp which seems blah at best.

So to answer your question I’d say spend another couple of months with it then move on but I wouldn’t expect you to invest any time trying to focus on mastering characters at this point.

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The coalition (TC)is doing a overall on ranked aswell as PVE horde,not sure what but hopefully a big positive,I’m enjoying it,No disrespect to TC So if you don’t mind lag here and there go for it,but sadly campaign is still got some bugs

I actually returned myself not too long ago after more than 6 months and don’t mind Horde & Escape. I’m primarily a Versus player but have been enjoying some stress-free PVE in my severely limited free time. Having said that, I’ve tried a couple of Versus matches. I’ve completed all of Campaign’s collectible and miscellaneous achievements besides Insane. No big issues whatsoever.

So far it’s been enjoyable, the movement is good and Escape isn’t too bad once you get into it.

I still have my long list of things I’d have changed back to traditional Gears of War’s style, but I’d recommend giving it a try. It’ll never be as good as the predecessors but it’s not entirely irredeemable.

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Well the game doesn’t crash anywhere near as much as it did in the first couple of weeks after it first came out, so that in itself is a major improvement since those early days.

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It’s in a good place it. Albeit all the normal gears frustrations. Same as always.

i’d wait for op 4, its in about 4 weeks i think, they said alot of stuff is coming to op 4 from the developer stream

Yeah! I also think waiting for OP4 is a great idea! :slightly_smiling_face:
Maybe it will get a better Horde! :exploding_head:


I know they want to do more horde events etc, they know it’s been neglected but I think they are focusing on fixes and improvements, as essentially they are re-building the game at this stage so it will be a few more seasons I think until it needs to be where it needs to be


Thank you guys, for all your replies, much appreciated